When creating RNT Fitness, we wanted to develop an educational hub where fitness-minded people like you can come and learn about to take your body composition results to the next level.


Rather than creating complicated ‘theoretical’ content suited only for other trainers, our aim with this educational section is to provide real, valuable advice that you can implement immediately, and with results.

Every article and video you’ll see here will be firmly grounded in either scientific backing and/or strong anecdotal evidence from our experience of training clients and ourselves.


We want this to become a resource that you can trust and rely upon, and even pass on to friends, colleagues or family that are stuck, and haven’t quite connected all the dots yet.

We’re always open to new content ideas. If you feel there’s a topic we haven’t covered, or you’ve read two conflicting articles and would like us to give our verdict, let us know by getting in contact.

If your goal is to gain muscle or lose body fat, this section will offer our advice on how best to optimise your training to achieve these goals. No fluffy exercises or techniques, only information on what’s worked in the delivering results in the real world.
There’s more myths and misinformation in the nutrition industry than just about any. If you’re looking for maximum results in minimum time, we’re here to cut through confusion and tell you what really works.
Sick of eating the same bland meals day in day out? Try out some of our simple, quick and easy to make recipes that’ll make eating well much more appealing in the long term.
This is where we give you an insight into how we get the transformations we do. We’re transparent about everything we do at RNT, so if you’d like to get a flavour for what could be in store for you, read on.
We realise the biggest limitation in online training is your technique when lifting. That’s why we’re creating a comprehensive exercise library with short, easy to view clips filming each exercise from two angles, and providing the three most bang for your buck cues to help optimise your training.
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