RNT Featured Articles

RNT Featured Articles

We’ve had the honour in being published and interviewed across a number of websites across the Internet, so we thought we’d compile it all into one for you to read here:


Lean vs. Shredded: The Cold Hard Truth

The Busy Guy’s Guide to Getting Lean

13 Tricks for Perfect Exercise Form

Chest Training for Natural Guys

5 Reasons You’ve Stopped Building Muscle

5 Reasons Your ____ Is Small

3 Days A Week Is All You Need

Single-Digit Bodyfat: Smash The Plateau

6 Ways To Build Muscle While Dieting

How to Lose 10 Pounds of Fat, Forever

The Dark Side of Fitness

The Very Best Machine in the Gym

The Best Way to Build Traps

The Very Best Way to Build Forearms

10 Great Food Hacks For Lifters

The Best Dumbbell Exercise You’re Not Doing

The Best Cable Exercises You’re Not Doing

12 Little Changes For Big Gains

Tip: Build Your Rep Strength, Build More Muscle

Tip: Two Quick Tips for Better Benching

Tip: How to Get More Gains on Back Day

Tip: Two Tips for Perfect Deadlifts

Tip: Keep Your Diet Boring

Tip: 25 Reps For Bigger Legs

Tip: You’re Not Eating Enough

Tip: The PJR Pullover

Tip: Muscle Building and Body Fat Percentage

Tip: What To Do When Fat Loss Stalls

Elite FTS

The Back-Friendly Approach to Leg Training

Get Stable, Get Strong: Pressing, Pulling and Squatting

RNT Fitness Podcast With Dave Tate


How To Help A Client Who Wants To Gain Weight


Why Deadlifts Are Overrated

Want To Get Rid Of Hard Fat? Give Up ‘Wrongly Cooked’ Indian Food

Variation in Training: The Number One Training Lie

Shyam Case Study

Mitesh Case Study 

Akash Case Study

Minil Case Study

Dhinil Case Study 

JMAX Fitness

The Intermediate Lifter’s Guide To Building Muscle

Top 40 Fitness Pros To Follow in 2018

Muscle Monsters

10 Powerful Muscle Building Tips for Hardgainers

3 Ways You Can Use Flexible Dieting To Build Muscle

Flex UK Magazine

The Best Muscle Building Split For Intermediates (February 2018)

Peak Week – The Right Way (March 2018)


Lean Ripped and Healthy, Episode 93 (27.11.17) – Akash Vaghela and Adam Hayley

The Natty Scene Podcast, Episode 18 (17.10.17) – Akash Vaghela

JMax Fitness Podcast (13.10.17) – Akash Vaghela and Adam Hayley

The Chris Knott Podcast (16.1.18) – Adam Hayley

Fit Man Project (30.3.18) – Akash Vaghela and Adam Hayley

The Chris Knott Podcast (4.4.18) – Akash Vaghela