3 ways to work periodisation into your plan

3 ways to work periodisation into your plan

1. Rest up: If you string up consistent levels of training for a period of 10-12 weeks without a break consider taking your training from 3-4 days a week to 1-2 for two week focusing on full body light loads. Great for the beginner who’s feeling like it’s been a while since they took a break from the gym and recovery and energy is low.⁣

2. Switch the focus: If you move from heavy strength training to a program that has a higher emphasis on higher reps and less load or different training schemes and focus’, this will already create a periodising effect and thus work really well as you move into the new phase. As you get used to the new program, that first 1-2 weeks of adapting to the plan will be used as a period of recovery before progressing with the new phase. Great for those who are consistently have training as part of their life and can be a good momentum swinger between phases to keep you in the training mindset whilst learning the new program.⁣

3. Plan your year: For those who love to plan and know that training is an essential aspect of their lives and have it is as a non-negotiable, planning 6 months to 1 year ahead to allow for time periods of high intensity vs high volume vs recovery time is essential to get the blend over the year to max out there time on specific goals. The element of planning so far in advance should always allow for variance as recovery / rest should be used when needed rather than just scheduled in, if you’re feeling good in a training block then there’s no need to switch focus or rest up as you’re getting out of it what you need, however when recovery starts to dip and rest is needed you can just move along the year plan to accommodate for the rest.

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