A Better World, Tomorrow

A Better World, Tomorrow

‘Hey Puja, Hope you’re well. I would like to cancel my subscription with RNT as I feel I can do this alone now. I’m really grateful to my coach for the support so far, and really happy with my physical results and how I look. Please can you cancel the subscription and ensure I am not charged any further.’

I open my laptop on a daily basis dreading this email. Why? Because it signifies the end. The ‘finish’ line. It feels like a failure each time I see this. ‘Where have we gone wrong?’ is what I ask myself, but my question to a fellow RNTer is why?

Why did you give up so easily? So early? Don’t you see what I see? Why can no one see that journeys have no ending? I go deep in thought. I go so deep in thought that I even look at my own faith.

In my faith we speak about the ‘antim yatra’, the final journey. Where our mere mortal being is cremated. But people forget in their flood of tears at the funeral, that it’s not the end. It’s just another ego of time that has immersed itself in flames. The soul is immortal, and it goes to another form, another life, another ego of time.

So why the ‘end’? Why has the ‘result’ been accomplished here? What ‘result’ are we discussing? Is it the physical look? Is it the number off the scale? Is it a lower dress size in Zara? Is it the comfort zone goal of your application form?

My dears, when I read this email from you, my emotions evoke a sense of dread that you’ve not seen anything further. I worry for you, I really do. I worry that you’ve not seen your own potential in the realm of transformation. You’ve not committed yourself to yourself.

I don’t do sales pitches. I actually don’t believe in them. I believe in purpose. I’m mission led first and foremost. Purpose is the introspective thought. Mission is the action. Purpose is what will drive the world out of the ego of our time. Having purpose makes profit obsolete. Purpose creates impact, it evokes an emotion, and it allows the world to remember that there is good over anything else. It keeps the faith of the world going.

I’m in an unfortunate situation however, where assumptions are made that I’m for profit, especially when I get this email above and I respond in the way I do. ‘I want your money, I want your hard earned money.’ No. I don’t. I want the impact I’ve had (so far) to be experienced by you as well. If I can, you can.

Don’t give up on yourself.

It’s a shame though, should the industry be at fault for creating an environment where it is money first, client second? Should society be at fault for instilling a belief that anything where you are looking after yourself is frowned upon? Is it both?

My plea: don’t stop trying to unravel everything about the superficial nature of what society has created of you. Dig deeper, dig much deeper into yourself. Show up every week. Don’t let societal excuses make you think you can’t do this anymore. And most importantly, don’t give up. When you keep going, you’ll transform yourself until you’re unrecognisable to society, your genius will unravel, your potential will come to the forefront. I spoke previously about stirring a well, and cleaning the water before you can drink it. The water is being cleaned though, and it’s almost time to drink the elixir. So why give up on that?

As a young child I always wanted to be an archaeologist. The idea of digging up treasure in a far away place was so appealing to me until I found out how hot it would be to do it. But the idea of digging deep never ran away from me. It’s what I feel I want to do forever. Get to the root causes of things to eradicate the bad and see the good. To find the treasure chest of ideas and beauty. How amazing a world would it be if everyone did that? Every single person was able to dig deep enough to unravel their own potential?

Your result that you’re taking away with you is barely a dent in your transformation. You have made everything about that. And all your energy has now depleted. This is what I want to say. This is the reason I get so emotional when a client of ours emails me the above. My anxiety levels increase. I am sitting there, one of them, dealing with the everyday, showing up as well as I can, eradicating the muck of everything that has moulded me so far, to create a new me, and I try to reason, I try to make them understand. But more often than not, it’s on deaf ears. They go. I fail. Another one gone, without seeing their own potential. My laptop closes, I fear another day of the repeat.

True transformation is rather like a true mission. Never accomplished. Always strived for. You will never see a mission accomplished in business. There will never be the day you will have an office party to mark the achievement that the mission is complete. Rather like you will never really have a day where you have truly transformed.

Transformation means something different. It’s like flowing. Depict a river and remember that water flows. Just like time. Time never stops. Nor does transformation. If there was a stop, there would be an end. But that’s its beauty. We mere mortals are chasing just one small aspect of what society has influenced us to seek. The material. The physical. We’ve spent all our time just focussing all our energy there. Once achieved, we’ve not given anything else a chance.


Why do we stop? Ask yourselves that question the next time you want to. Why give up? What will it achieve? Time doesn’t stop, flow doesn’t stop, transformation won’t ever stop. So why are you stopping?

I dug deeper into this recently again. When another email came through. Being faith oriented has many assumptions made about me from others. That I have a narrow view of the world, that I am ritualistic, that I sit at home every day singing hymns out of tune.

Far from it.

I read up on things completely out of my comfort zone, I accept other viewpoints, I understand psyches of people in my life and of people I’ve never met. Bringing myself back to my own beliefs I realised that I’ve never ‘found’ God. Religion and faith has lasted thousands of years, I can’t remember if anyone has actually found God. The result, the look, the material being. How similar is the strive though to a mission, a transformation, or a purpose?

Faith is no different to having a mission led business. It’s no different to striving for mastery of yourself every day. There will be no end. No one will ever find ‘God’. You will keep striving though, you will keep moving and flowing through the muck of societal build up, of assumptions and stigmas. Move away from these dogmas, and keep your focus and your presence on the real thing – the journey you embark on. Leave this mortal realm a better person that you entered it.

In James Kerr’s amazing book ‘Legacy’, he analyses how the All Blacks built a culture and have a common purpose – to win. They use the might of their ancestry to ensure they don’t forget their roots, but most importantly, that they leave the jersey that covers their backs in a better place that when they picked it up for the first time.

Just imagine if we all did the same; that we left the world in a better place than where we found it. Seek transformation, the never ending mastery of your being. Be like a flowing river, never ending in tranquility. The might of transformed beings creating a better world than where we found it.

I hope your email tomorrow is a little different.

I live in hope and faith, of a better world, tomorrow.

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Puja Teli

Puja Teli is RNT’s Business Manager with the aim of helping deliver on RNT’s Mission to use the physical as the vehicle to transform lives by getting into the mindset of the Founder. Puja’s key focus is building the business infrastructure and ensuring the business runs smoothly behind the scenes. Having had first hand experience of the transformational journey, Puja can use this as the key driver in ensuring the mission is accomplished.