Adam Short – LIVE Transformation

Adam Short – LIVE Transformation

One thing we want to launch at RNT Fitness that is a little different to other online coaches, is for you to be able to follow along with one of our transformations as it happens!

Our client Adam has put himself out there for accountability. This is going to include updates every 2 weeks. There will be a written blog which gives his take on how he’s getting on, how he’s feeling (the good days as well as the tough) and his current progress. His coach (also called Adam) will be filming clips of their workouts, as well as sitting down and explaining the changes they’re making and why he is making them.

This is a team effort whereby Adam is designing the clients’ nutrition, supplementation and cardio plan, whilst Akash is writing up each of the training phases.

We are hoping that firstly you find this as a source of inspiration for those days that you are questioning why you’re attempting your own transformation or perhaps even tempted to break your diet. And, secondly that you find this as a valuable learning tool, too! You may find certain tips in here that you hadn’t thought about before..

Starting Point

This is Adam’s current starting point:

So as you can see, he’s not in terrible shape. But with a potential trip to Vegas coming up in September, he wants to really improve upon it!

Starting Bodyweight: 156lbs

Starting body Fat %: 19.2


Diet wise, Adam has already admitted he’s a creature of habit and likes to eat the same food daily. This makes the whole process very easy when you’ve got a client with a mindset like that!

We’re starting off with macro-nutrient targets of:


Calories: 2220

Protein: 200g

Carbohydrate: 215g

Fat: 60g

His meal plan – as chosen by him – will look like this:

Meal 1 – 6am:

30g Whey Isolate

Intra-Workout Shake – 6.30am:

20g EAA’s

30g Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin

1/8 tsp Lo-Salt

Meal 2 – 8am:

30g Whey Isolate

25g Oats

Meal 3 – 10am:

100g Beef

65g Pasta

110g Lloyd Grossman Sauce

1/3 Avocado

Meal 4 – 1pm:

110g Turkey Mince (2% fat)

150g Basmati Rice (cooked weight – microwave rice)

20g Almonds

Meal 5 – 3.30pm:

25g Cashews as a snack

Meal 6 – 6pm:

150g Chicken Breast

150g Basmati Rice (cooked weight – microwave rice)

Meal 7 – 9pm:

150g Turkey Breast

1 Bagel

** Green veggies are added into 3-4 of the meals and untracked. All foods aside from the microwave rice are weighed raw/uncooked **

In terms of supplements, it’s all very simple:

  • 20g EAA’s
  • 30g HBCD
  • 1/8tsp Lo-Salt
  • 5g Creatine Monohydrate
  • 1 Scoop ProjectAD Nitr-OX pre-workout


As far as training goes, Akash has devised the following split for him to start with:

Workout 1 = Back, shoulders and quads

Workout 2 = Chest, arms and posterior chain

Workout 3 = Back and shoulders

Workout 4 = Chest and arms

You’ll see there is some legs in there, but more volume across the week is given to the upper body. Rep schemes vary between 6-8 and 12-15 dependent on the exercise.

Cardio is a nice and easy 10,000 steps per day – tracked on his iPhone.

As you can see, this is nothing revolutionary! The key is going to be that I keep on top of him and make sure he’s super consistent.

I’m going to post in this series on the 1st and 3rd Friday lunch times of every month – so be sure to follow on Instagram or check back into this education area on those days!


So a brief update as we approach the 6 week mark with Adam.

Bodyweight: Still around the same as the start, despite a lower BF%. This is indicative of some ‘recomposition’ going on (increased muscle AND fat loss).

Starting Body Fat %: 19.2

Current Body Fat %: 13.8

Very happy as this seems to land right within that 1% per week mark that is considered ‘excellent’ in terms of rates of fat loss. But, more importantly, he’s managed to retain bodyweight as well as increase strength in the gym. The latter two points suggest we’re definitely on track for a real ‘transformation’ as opposed to just getting him ‘skinny’.

I contribute this mainly to two things:

  1. Him training progressively, tracking his weights and beating them weekly
  2. His intra-workout supplement protocol of HBCD, EAAs and Lo-Salt

Nutritionally at around week 3 we switched from the original macro set up listed above, to the following:


Calories: 2220

Protein: 200g

Carbohydrate: 215g

Fat: 60g


Calories: 2080

Protein: 200g

Carbohydrate: 180g (DOWN 35g)

Fat: 60g

So, just a 35g decrease in carbohydrate on rest days. The rest of the set-up remained identical.

As we approached week 6 we made a couple more tweaks:


Calories: 2175

Protein: 200g

Carbohydrate: 215g

Fat: 55g (DOWN 5g)


Calories: 1775

Protein: 200g

Carbohydrate: 120g (DOWN 60g)

Fat: 55g (DOWN 5g)

As you can see, we pulled carbs down further on his three non-training days per week. So we now have 215g carbs on training days and 120g carbs on non-training days. On top of this, we made a small 5g reduction in fats daily.

Training wise, we made a few subtle changes, too.

We progressed a few exercises on, or made adjustments to grip/angle of exercises – but – more importantly we lowered his key indicator lift rep ranges from 6-8 down to 4-6. This is going to allow him to really dig deep and gain some decent strength which ultimately will have carry-over to his other lifts, too.

In terms of supplementation, we’ve added in 200mg caffeine prior to each training session and from next week he will start on Project AD’s – Shredabull Untamed fat burner.

Visually we’re starting to notice some promising changes. Of course, Adam can’t see them fully yet as you’re always going to be self critical during a transformation. But the tell tale signs for me as his coach are looking promising. His chest and shoulders look fuller, his obliques are starting to show, his upper adbominals are beginning to show through and his upper back is definitely looking leaner.

Adam has a typical ‘male’ type body fat storage pattern – all around the lower abdominals and love handles. Once that comes in, everything will change rapidly. Psychologically this is the toughest part of the transformation. The first 2-3 weeks are easy as it’s fresh and new. This ‘middle ground’ as I call it is where most want to give up:

  1. The monotony of routine starts kicking in
  2. You feel skinny. You’ve managed to drop some initial body fat which is great, but you’re not quite the finished product.. So you feel almost ‘in between’. You’ve lost that ‘fullness’ you had at the beginning, but yet you have no rippling 6 pack.

Trust me when I say this: We all go through this! The key is that you trust your coach, keep your head down and push through the mental mind games during this stage. In another 4-6 weeks, it’ll all start pulling together and that motivation will kick in 10-fold!

At just under 42 days in, this is how Adam is looking currently: