Beginner’s guide to meditation

Beginner’s guide to meditation

5-10 years ago, it was unlikely to see a meditation post coming from a health and fitness page⁣

Fast forward to today and every single entrepreneur, influencer and high profile celebrity has meditation in there sacred morning routine and for good reason.⁣

Here at RNT we’re huge advocates and advise a mindfulness practice to nearly all of our clients.⁣

Countless research has shown that meditation may: ⁣

– Reduce Stress & Anxiety⁣
– Enhance Self Awareness⁣
– Improves Cognitive Ability⁣
– Can help reduce memory loss⁣
– Can improve sleep⁣
– Can help reduce and eliminate addictions⁣

1. Set aside the time in your day.⁣

We would advise setting aside 5-10 mins a day to begin with for your meditation. We personally find the most value in doing it in the morning as I’m able to get some clarity in my mind before starting my day.⁣

2. We would highly advise starting with guided meditation, being coaches ourselves, we genuinely believe that if you want to be great or even good at anything you should seek out guidance in the initial stages.⁣

Apps such as Headspace or Calm are great choices. Both of these apps offer introduction courses and go through the fundamentals of mediation.⁣

3. Don’t be judgemental or your progress.⁣

If your are going to begin meditating, then quite simply you will be a beginner. So don’t be too hard on yourself and feel the need to meditate perfectly.⁣

4. Do it daily: ⁣

The only way to truly solidify a habit is someone who performs the act on a consistent basis.⁣

This isn’t a plea to do it daily just to make the habit stick, this will also help you reap the most benefits from the practice.⁣

5. Create an environment that allows you to meditate effectively.⁣

If you want to make the most of your time meditating and give yourself the best possible chance of a having a productive session.⁣

Just like weight training, you don’t or shouldn’t jump in with a advanced bodybuilding programme. You start with a programme that is not out of reach, yet provides you with enough challenge to grow stronger and reap the benefits of weight training.⁣

The same applies for meditation.⁣

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