Shilpa · Checkpoint

Busy mum Sonal, took control of her body lost 20kgs and boosted her self confidence

For the last 15 years since my first pregnancy, my body and I were always at war with each other. I feared losing control of it and of course the inevitable happened… I did lose control. I piled on weight like there was no stopping me. I feared the scales (never weighed myself once in 15 years), lost any sense of accountability and saw a downward spiral in this aspect of my life.

To compensate, I used every other resort possible; swimming, running, got a personal trainer, intermittent fasting you name it. I even asked my husband to book me in for liposuction as a birthday gift just so I could see myself thinner. Alarmed by my request, he started asking around for recommendations which is where RNT came into the forefront. As a mother of 2 kids and a hard core full time job as an estate agent, I was extremely intimidated by the concept.

More particularly as you see the RNT Transformations week on week on Professional Asian where everyone looks super fabulous, I could not imagine that could be me. So Ajay, my husband booked me on and I can sincerely say today, that was the best gift he could ever give me. The RNT team was extremely patient with me, allowing me to objectively go through this process, armouring me with all the confidence I needed. He took it real slow with me, and without me realising got me to my destination and beyond. I was nearly 70 kgs in July 2019 and was bordering on obesity. I went to the docs wondering why despite all the physical exercise, I was piling on the weight. The doctor put it down to pre menopausal metabolism.

As we all know, calorie deficiency is a no brainer but the knowledge of what is calorie high and gives nutrition is what RNT is really good at. The types of training, the tempo, the technique and everything they taught me was so beneficial for a long term result. Decision fatigue, impulsive eating and drinking, futile workouts were history. More than anything, the podcasts and Akash’s articles are such an educational platform that he empowers you with the ability to think of the bigger picture and before you know it, with making the physical the vehicle he allowed me to develop my mental map.

Where all other diets and fads only focus on losing weight, RNT focuses on becoming content with your body and your mind. I have stayed consistent at 50 kgs and more importantly I am such a happier person. I take with me the most powerful message - the journey is not only reaching the highest point, it is managing the descent in a controlled manner allowing the full process to become a significant chapter of my life.

Lockdown or not, I would recommend RNT not only for the body but also for the mind. I cannot thank RNT enough for letting me become a product of their success stories.

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