RNT Culture

RNT Culture

Transforming your body is never just about the physical. It’s far more than that. It changes the way you live, think and act on a daily basis. RNT Fitness are worldwide leaders in facilitating this holistic transformation, and we want everyone to experience the power of our work.


This document is about our high performance, results driven team culture.


We’re always on the search for the best talent, and we’ll take attitude over aptitude every day of the week. When speaking within our high performing team, what strikes us as special and unique about RNT is how much we:


  1. obsess over the results we achieve with our clients.
  2. encourage business and coaching improvements to come from within our team.
  3. are open, real and candid with each other.
  4. hold each other accountable to align with our standards, mission and values.
  5. keep only our highly effective, mission driven, and ‘all in’ people


Mission has been mentioned a few times, and for a deliberate reason. In order to deliver on our mission, our team must be in alignment with our Core Values, and with the different facets that makes up our truly unique coaching environment.

Our Team Values

Our values for our company isn’t only for what we provide as a service, or how we coach our clients. It’s everything, and it reflects in the members of our team who are most rewarded, and those that don’t last. The more you can resonate with our values, and if it describes the people you want to work with, the more likely you will thrive at RNT.


You are intensely passionate about transforming bodies and changing lives. You make your teammates better. You are results obsessed. You keep the big picture mission and impact in mind at all times. You are ‘all in’.


You aim to produce remarkable, important work to serve. You look for ways to give back and pay it forward. You seek to build rapport with our team and our clients. You are adaptable and flexible in your approach. You aim to create a life changing experience for our clients.

Self Mastery

You are a continuous life-long learner. You remain open-minded in search of becoming a better person. You are open to feedback, and are happy to give feedback to everyone at RNT. Your passion for knowledge is infectious. You seek to perform at a high level in all areas, and strive for consistently high standards.


You share information openly and purposefully. You are known for being transparent, authentic and real, even if it is uncomfortable. You seek to collaborate with fellow teammates. You embrace difficult conversations with our team and clients in the best interest of RNT. You make time for the team.


You practice what you preach in everything you do. You seek to be effective, not busy. You are curious about different backgrounds, lifestyles and methods of living. You recognise helping people improve is a way of life, not a job. You take care of yourself.

It’s one task to write all our team values down, it’s a different ball game trying to live by them. In the next section, we’re going to describe how we implement these values on a daily basis.

High Performance

In order to deliver on our Mission, we know the critical importance of a high performance team. We are results obsessed, and everything we do within the company is driven by our desire to create maximum impact in the lives of our clients.


That means we’re never satisfied with our knowledge, always seeking to understand more, and constantly tweaking our processes, systems and practices to chase down perfection, even if such a goal is impossible. You only need to be a fly on the wall in our team meetings, mentorships, reviews and group chats to see the infectious passion we have for witnessing our clients’ transform. There’s nothing more exciting for us than sharing a transformation with the rest of the team.


This razor focus on results means we reward our team by their ability to consistently produce excellent work over and over again.

Team Development, Accountability & Transparency

Our philosophy in our team is to improve from within. With this comes high levels of accountability and transparency that is rare in similar organisations. Our version of a great team environment is one that fosters and facilitates a high level of learning, development, and subsequently, a team that produces remarkable work, and seeks to improve it thereafter.


This is challenging, and it means we have to hire well. There’s nowhere to hide, and part of our culture is in pushing yourself to be the best teammate you can be, and being intensely passionate about the growth of your teammates too.


An environment like this is nowhere to be found in the industry, and our weekly team meetings and mentorships are designed to enable us to improve together. We don’t rest on our laurels, nor shy away from being transparent, or being held accountable. In fact, we seek feedback on a daily basis, and encourage one another to be as candid as possible. Difficult conversations are important and non-negotiable.


Our individual and group Performance Octave Reviews are open for all to see, and everyone from our Founder to our newest coach, to our team behind the scenes are open to constructive feedback. Our goal is not to scrutinise, but to enable, facilitate and help strategise how we can improve. It’s similar to our Seven Faces of Coaching Methodology, whereby we actively coach each other to produce impactful, outstanding work.


Data is at the core of our Improvement Work, and we track individual and group KPIs on a weekly and monthly basis to sustain accountability, know where our challenges are, and then spark discussion to hypothesise on creating improvement. We are our own in house laboratory, and this is an exciting place to be. On a daily basis, we can capture real world insights on real clients with real lives, and refine our approach accordingly. Nothing else but results matter, so we use our clients to draw conclusions on what can be improved.


When the team embraces this high performance environment, we thrive together. Loyalty is respected and rewarded, and it helps solidify our team as we grow. As a result, we invest heavily in time, money and energy into ensuring the team always receives the best possible support to produce their work.


We have a fantastic team at RNT and we work very well together, but we know we can always be better.

Flexibility & Lifestyle

A common thought in an online company like ours (with no office base) is that it’s all about deck chairs, pina coladas and watching the sunset while you’re tackling emails. While it can certainly be made a reality if your responsibilities, circumstances and personal preferences permit, for the most part, the coveted ‘laptop lifestyle’ is a myth. However, flexibility and living the lifestyle of your choice, and in alignment of our Core Values, is a must.


We believe in being effective, not busy. It’s too easy to be ‘busy’ all the time, but it’s harder to audit your life, your choices and your behaviours to be effective on a daily basis. In our quest for High Performance, we strive to maximise ‘flexible, productive and impactful hard work’ in order to fulfil our Mission, but also look after what’s most important – your own self.


By emphasising flexible and productive working, it means you have time for personal introspection (Self Mastery), time with your loved ones (Community), and the ability to practice what you preach with a healthy lifestyle, in all facets – mind, body and soul. You have to walk the walk. Remember, if you haven’t been to the extreme yourself, you can’t take your clients to the extreme. This applies to the entire team, not just our coaches.


This isn’t demonising hard work. We all know when the time to grind in, but we’ve also learnt the perils of flirting with the red line and burning the midnight candle; it’s important we don’t cross this in order to maintain longevity towards our Mission. Being consistently effective in the long term is the key to our success.


Being a digital company, we are faced with electronics and screens all day long, and so we actively encourage our team to take periods ‘off the grid’, and take advantage of the benefits derived from digital detoxes. It can be scary to do at first, but the level of introspection, recovery and quality relationship building that can take place makes it a non-negotiable to have in our diary on a regular basis.

Stability & Security

We know the power and value of creating economic and emotional stability and security within our team. That’s why we seek to understand our team’s goals in life; in particular from a lifestyle, financial, relationship and well-being perspective. This is important, especially for our team members who have previously been burnt out at their former organisations, where long hours were worn as a badge of honour, and the ability to consistently produce excellent results were not. This is especially relatable for our coaches who were previously slaves to the gym floor as personal trainers. Life for many personal trainers means lots of stress, little stability and security, and a poor lifestyle. Unsociable and very long working hours makes for an unproductive and unhealthy lifestyle (the irony of the job!).


That’s why we focus on taking the stress away from you, and giving you everything you need to do what you love, and what you’re best at. Coaches should not be doing marketing or service admin, nor have to worry about selling themselves on social media. They should be focusing purely on their strengths, and delivering the best possible client experience possible.


To help us attract and retain the best, we pay our team the top of their personal market, and reward based on consistent performance, production and commitment to the Mission. In the specific case of our coaches, they typically earn higher than the average London personal trainer (which is at the upper echelon of the worldwide market rate) while working half the hours, and with a quarter of the stress. Through this, we aim to provide genuine long-term career opportunities in a growing company that will naturally create more positions, projects and prospects.

Commitment to Mission

We’re firm believers that culture is created and defined by those who get rewarded and stay loyal, and those who are let go. Everything written so far has been with the above definition in mind. And with that, the underlying critical aspect of our RNT culture is the commitment to the mission and vision. Creating a world where people see the power of having the focus of a physical transformation to then act as a vehicle for the greater good is what we strive for.


We want people all over the world to experience the power of what we do. In order to do so, we need to ensure everyone on the team is singing off the same hymn sheet, and committed to the cause. We seek great ideas, big picture thinking, the ‘extra mile’, and an intense belief in what RNT will accomplish. With this comes an ‘all in’ mentality that diminishes distractions and creates an unstoppable team atmosphere. Our biggest threat is never a competitor or a market change, it’s maintaining our culture.

Chasing Perfection

This document has contributions from our entire team, because it’s critical we record what people actually experience while working at RNT. What’s important to know is that this document will never be finalised. It will constantly be shaped, and will evolve as we learn, improve, and bring in new people over time.


We are gaining insights at a faster pace than ever before, and the ‘improvement from within’ nature of our work means every few months, we feel a difference in how much more effectively we are operating. Our work becomes more productive, more inspiring, and more life-changing. And while we know chasing perfection is unattainable, the thrill of the chase means we know we’ll create something remarkable along the way.

“To use the physical as a vehicle to transform your life”

Impact. Service. Self Mastery. Community. Lifestyle.