Education is the underpinning of transformation. In this Education Hub, our goal is simple: to educate you on the truth about transformation.

No matter where you are in the journey, there’s a bit here for everyone. Whether you want to learn about the different phases, empower your mindset, or understand your body more, simply click one of the categories below and get your learn on!

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Learn all about the different phases of our unique transformation journey, and the methodology underpinning it.

RNT Transformation Journey

Tune into RNT Fitness Radio, downloaded 250K+ times in 90+ countries around the world featuring our team, other experts in the field, as well as our students telling their story.


Learn all about how to make this journey a lifestyle solution so that you can stay in the shape of your life, for life. A major part of this is a mindset shift, which this section will go deep within to uncover.

Lifestyle & Mindset

Learn about the best training methods, programming protocols and plateau busting strategies to build muscle, lose body fat and get stronger.


Cut through the world of nutrition misinformation and learn how to eat right for your goals, and build a sustainable solution to be in shape for life.


Get ready to be inspired and hear from some of our students’ journeys in transforming their bodies and lives.

Client Case Studies

Learn the best technique for every exercise, where we’ve filmed each lift from two angles with the three most important cues to maximise your form.

Exercise Library

Learn from our team’s own insights, whether it be thought leadership and insights from our Founder, as well as various recent learnings shared by the team.

Team Corner

Take a look at some of the blogs and podcast we’ve been featured on here, including the likes of Men’s Health, T-Nation and BBC Radio.

Featured Appearances