Ep 287 - Hall Of Fame | Nikul Shah: Gaining 10kg+ LEGIT Muscle AND Getting Shredded

Aug 29th, 2022


Ep 287 - Hall Of Fame | Nikul Shah: Gaining 10kg+ LEGIT Muscle AND Getting Shredded

On the RNT Transformation Journey, when you hit your first checkpoint and you’re in the best shape of your life, you have two choices. To either learn how to stay where you are effortlessly, or to seriously build muscle and upgrade your physique. For most, the former is the preferred route. But if you’re one of the few with real ambitions to transform your body, get as strong as possible, and build a lot of muscle, the path is very different. It’s one where you embrace the fluff, invest heavily for a few years, and know that on the other side, you can cash out with serious rewards. This is exactly what Nikul has done since starting with us back in 2019. After getting into shape, he’s since built around 7-10kg of legit muscle mass and after spending years investing heavily, has totally transformed his body, his career, his relationships and his overall life. Check out his case study in the show notes to see more pictures, stats and his story.
Time Stamps:
01:07 - Nikul was inspired by Kunaal’s RNT transformation
02:06 - Biggest misconception
02:57 - Biggest problem: Nutrition
04:28 - Biggest shock - going below 60kgs
06:23 - Embracing The Fluff
07:06 - Invest in yourself for the longterm
08:55 - How to make the mindset shift from short term gains to long term results
10:00 - How to own your journey despite social pressures
12:30 - Everyone should bulk at least once in their life
14:32 - Graph showing the periods of cuts and bulks 
16:19 - Strength gains on compound lifts
17:50 - Next phase for Nikul
19:55 - How to develop intuitive eating 
21:20 - Biggest challenges and struggles
24:40 - Sticking to the programme even when life gets in the way 
26:47 - Developing self-esteem
27:24 - Developing self accountability 
27:38 - The physical is the vehicle 
28:40 - Advice about embracing the fluff
30:12 - What almost kept Nikul from joining
31:17 - Nail down your why
32:09 - Handstand at the top of Kilimanjaro 
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