EP 57: Why Coaching is More Than X’s and O’s

EP 57: Why Coaching is More Than X’s and O’s

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by Kunal Makwana and we dive deep into his own journey with his physique and his coaching career so far. We talk about the different elements of psychology he uses to get world class results, so sit back and enjoy!

  ‘’Coaching is more than X’s and O’s, it’s all psychological ‘’

                                                      – Kunal Makwana

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1.13 – Recapping 2018

1.45 – How Kunal discovered Akash and RNT

3.39 – How Kunal became an RNT coach

7.03– How he got into the fitness industry

10.36 – What mistakes commercials gym trainers make

13.07 – How to build rapport with your clients

18.01 – What makes our coaches tick

20.40 – What a client’s mindset should be like during a transformation

21.56 – The phases clients should go through

24.27 – Kunal’s own physique struggles

30.23 – Why he did a photoshoot?

32.03 – How his dad’s death led to his true passion of helping people

35.04 – His next physique goals

36.52 – Big mistakes he see’s clients making during a fat loss and muscle building phase

38.52 – What makes a good check in

41.43 – Favourite cheat meal?

42.56 – What’s next on Kunal’s bucket list

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