Ep 77: Akash & the Hitman: Body Image, Relationship With Food & Creating Rules In Your Life

Ep 77: Akash & the Hitman: Body Image, Relationship With Food & Creating Rules In Your Life

Back in March I was in the Amalfi Coast with the Hitman, and during a really cool hike in the forest, we were having an interesting discussion about body image, our relationship with food, and creating rules in your life to live a healthy and lean lifestyle. So we decided to stop and record our first outdoor podcast, so apologies in advance for any background noise. We go deep in these topics, and there are a lot of personal anecdotes here that many of you will be able to relate to, so please reach out and share your own stories, we’d love to hear them



         “You need the transformation first to elicit the lifestyle solution after”

                – Team RNT


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1.44 – Transformation coaching vs Lifestyle coaching

3.22 – Body image

5.46 – Akash’s bodybuilding prep

11.16 – 7 faces of a transformation coach

13.01 – Eating disorders

20.53 – Akash and Nathan’s relationship with food

23.16 – The Vaghela curry

33.52 – The consolidation period

35.46 – Forming your own rules

43.21 – Buffering and binging

51.36 – Approaching cow

52.06 – Mindful eating

56.44 – Journaling about food


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