Back Exercises

Close Grip Supinated Chin Up

Close Grip Pronated Pull Up

Sternum Chin Up

Ring Chin Up

Negative Chin Up

Rack Chin

Wide Grip Pull Up

Neutral Grip Chin Up

Supinated Chin Up

Scapula Pull Ups

Inverted Row

Flexed Hangs

Wide Grip Pulldown

Neutral Grip Pulldown

Supinated Pulldown

Wide Neutral Grip Pulldown

Single Arm Pulldown

Rack Deadlift

BB Pronated Bent Over Row

BB Supinated Bent Over Row

DB Bent Over Row

DB Supported Bent Over Row

T Bar Row

One Arm Deadstop Dumbbell Row

One Arm DB Row

One Arm Barbell Row

Deadstop BB Row

Meadows Row

DB Neutral Grip Chest Supported Row

DB Pronated Grip Chest Supported Row

One Arm Chest Supported Row


Seated Cable Neutral Grip Row

Seated Cable Pronated Grip Row

Seated Cable Diverging Handle Row

Seated Cable Wide Grip Row to Chest

Seated Cable Underhand Grip Row

Seated Single Arm Cable Row

Seated Cable Rope Row to Neck

Seated Cable Gironda Row

DB Pullover

Rope Pullover with Hip Extensions

Rope Pullover

Standing BB Shrugs

Seated DB Shrugs

DB Farmer’s Walk with Shrugs

DB Farmer’s Walk