How To Stay Lean Over Diwali

How To Stay Lean Over Diwali


Some of you this week will be celebrating Diwali with their family and friends which means lots of fireworks, gifts and of course food!  Here are some tips on how to work your way through Diwali without it affecting your RNT journey and without it offending family and friends!

  • Stay active! Get your steps in, push harder in the gym, go for long walks, park further away, get of your train a stop earlier etc.
  • Create buffers ! Adjust your calorie intake in the day / day before/ day after to accommodate for those extra calories!
  • Have a protein shake before you meet with family and friends for this indulgent dinner.  You can sit and have enough to be social but not overeat!
  • Instead of going to restaurants to celebrate Diwali, suggest celebrating at someones house!  This will give you more control over the food choices.  If it’s at a relatives/friends house, suggest making a dish; make a healthy one, so when you sit down for dinner you can focus on your dish knowing that your macros will still be on point! If you’re feeling super brave you can host the Diwali celebrations and have full control of the menu!  Why not try the Diwali laddoo recipe from the recipe hub!

Most of all, remember that Diwali is about celebrating GOOD over bad, and not about food!

What better time to remember the GOOD changes in your life that you are currently embarking on?!

Enjoy time with close loved ones…and of course enjoy a few bites of mithai is not going to do anything!

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Shaneeta Malik

Shaneeta is an RNT body transformation coach that’s been has been coaching for over 10 years, albeit in a different field, and knows everything about the nuisances in getting clients motivated, organised and achieving their goals. As a mother of two, she’s an advocate of making life time changes that benefit the family as a whole. You only need to spend a few minutes around Shaneeta to feel her infectious passion and enthusiasm, and her ability to empathise, enable and strategise means she’s able to extract the most from her clients.