Inspired by her husband, Sonayana, achieved her dream figure with RNT

“For me, RNT has been more than just a change in body image. Having suffered from anxiety on and off over the last 4 years It has uncovered and given me confidence in living the lifestyle I want to lead and I am the most comfortable and happiest I have ever felt.

Although I have generally always had a fairly slim build, I have always felt quite body conscious. I tried to go on mini diets and at the gym I mainly focused on cardio. However, I felt it was coming to a point where it was becoming more of an unhealthy focus where I was looking in the mirror everyday and feeling unhappy and confused. I knew the physique that I wanted, yet I wasn’t able to get there. I went to the gym and even had a few personal trainers. I tried to eat healthy during the weekdays, but I had hit a plateau. I hadn’t quite identified the correct tools to make a significant change and just made up my own rules and my own routine.

Simultaneously, I had people saying that I was too skinny and to stop going to the gym so much. It felt confusing, draining and I knew I needed some guidance and education - not only for the physical but to help me mentally.

In August 2018, I was midway planning my wedding and my goal really at this stage was just to look good for our wedding and honeymoon! My husband Nim was already working hard through his leaning down phase with RNT. Although I was sceptical at first, he encouraged me to give it a go!

It felt exciting yet daunting and scary; giving someone else control over my body - my food, my gym routine. It took me a bit of time to trust the process but within 6 weeks I already had abs showing! My confidence had increased!

However, what initially started out to be a goal for me to look my best on our wedding day, has turned out to be a long term journey with lots of mini goals along the way! My mindset with food and hunger has changed. Now that I’m well into my bulking phase, I have learnt that the nutrition side of things is so important to complement my training. I feel I only want to put food into my body that’s going to fuel my workouts and help me develop. Weight training 4 times a week has become my non negotiable because at the end of each workout I feel so good. I feel stronger, I feel focussed and at peace, and I just feel I have achieved something for myself. So I have learnt that If something makes me feel this good, why would I want to jeopardise that with things such as poor sleep, alcohol and ‘bad food’. Therefore, RNT has instilled more positive habits within me and also given me the confidence to embrace it in a social environment!

One of the best things about the whole process has been doing it with Nim. We both realise what a beneficial impact training has on us individually that it helps us develop positively as a couple and we are able to continue to encourage and support each other. RNT has been a blessing and we are so grateful to be a part of such a unique process. This is an opportunity not to be missed.”

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