Karan Joshi: Ibiza Beach Body Transformation

Karan Joshi: Ibiza Beach Body Transformation

When Karan came to us 7-8 weeks ago and said he needed to get into shape for a beach party holiday in Ibiza, I knew this would be fun.

Whenever there’s a big deadline to work towards, whether it’s a competition, a photo shoot, a wedding or in this case, a beach party holiday, you KNOW your focus and accountability will be higher. No one wants to turn up on the day out of shape, which means the level of self-discipline will always be higher, and ultimately, the results will be better.

At RNT, we don’t believe we have any fat loss or muscle building ‘secrets’ that no one else has. The reason we’re able to churn out results consistently is more rooted in the fact we’re so invested in our clients, and we take their results personally. Because of this, we expect a lot from our clients, and make them work hard to get the results we know they can achieve.

In today’s case study, we’re going to dissect all the details in what we did over the course of 7-8 weeks to get Karan from ‘OK shape’ to ‘beach-ready’.

Starting Point

Karan treated his training as one of his top priorities in his life, but like many of the clients who come to us, had been spinning his wheels a little and unclear of the path he needed to get the body he wanted.

Previously, he’d been doing the following:

Training – 4 days a week, on the following split: 1/ Legs+Biceps, 2/ Chest+Triceps, 3/ Shoulders+Back, 4/ Light Full Body

Cardio – Daily risk walking for an hour

Diet – 135g protein, 180g carbs, 60g fats 6 days a week, with a spike day of 2600 calories once a week.

‘Before’ Pic

His starting bodyweight was 61kg (5’6”) with a waist measurement of 68.5cm (taken around the umbilicus).

As you can see, it’s not the worst set up, but definitely had plenty of room for improvement and optimising.

Initial Set Up 

To start Karan off, here’s what we did:

Training – I kept him on 4 days a week, but changed his training frequency so he trains everything properly twice a week, and on a heavy/light scheme. I’m not a big fan of once a week per body part training, so this change was an easy one. If you’d like to read why, check this article on training frequency.

We ran the following split throughout the transformation:

Day 1: Chest/Back/Delts Heavy

Day 2: Legs/Arms/Abs Heavy

Day 3: OFF

Day 4: Chest/Back/Delts Light

Day 5: Legs/Arms/Abs Light

Day 6: OFF

Day 7: OFF

Diet – His daily calories didn’t really change compared to what he’d been doing previously. The only thing to do was optimise the macronutrient targets, drop the refeed days and just run a linear diet throughout the week.

The macros were as follows:

Protein: 160g

Fat: 60g

Carbs: 160g

To go with this, I gave him a meal plan as a guideline, and then using our RNT interactive spreadsheet, he’d be able to make changes to food choices while staying within the realm of his targets.

This is how we set it up – we opted for four meals a day as it worked well for his work schedule. You’ll notice how easy it is to prep and follow, which plays an important part in dietary compliance in the long run. On this template, all you need to do is cook the eggs in the morning, prep the whey/oat blend, and batch cook your chicken and rice – and you’re good to go!

Meal 1: 3 Whole Eggs, 100ml Egg Whites, Greens

Meal 2: 150g Chicken Breast, 1 tsp E-V Olive Oil, 70g Rice (dry weight), Greens

Meal 3: 40g Whey Protein, 20g Almond Butter, 80g Oats

Meal 4: 150g Chicken Breast, 1 tsp E-V Olive Oil, 70g Rice (dry weight), Greens

Supplements – We stuck to the essentials here of Whey Protein (Optimum Nutrition), intra-workout EAAs (AD Aminotaur), Vitamin D3 (Reflex), Creatine Monohydrate (Reflex) and pre-cardio Caffeine.

All supplements were purchased off Cardiff Sports Nutrition using our coupon code RNT10.

Cardio – We started with the following:

On his three off days, we performed 1 HIIT session for 20 minutes (20 sec FAST, 100 sec SLOW), and 2 LISS sessions of 30 minutes.

This was actually big reduction for him, as Karan had been used to doing 45 to 60 minutes of brisk walking everyday. He told me he’d been walking like a maniac everywhere to fit more cardio in any time he had!

Week 1:

Bodyweight: 60.4kg (-0.6kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 68cm (-0.5cm)

No changes made after the first week. The only points Karan mentioned to me were 1/ he had a few client dinners we needed to work around and 2/ he was noticeably hungry!

In regards to the first point, I always make it a point for clients to send me the menu beforehand if possible. If they can’t, it’s a matter of trying to make the meal as similar as possible to what it’d normally be. Alternatively, create a ‘buffer’ by lowering calories the day of / after to ensure the deficit remains.

For the second, this didn’t surprise me, as a little bit of hunger at the start of a diet is only normal. Luckily, I’d just released our article on hunger tricks, which turned out to be a lifesaver for him throughout.

Week 2:

Bodyweight: 59.9kg (-0.6kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 66.5 (-1.5cm)

During week 1, I told Karan to order some Yohimbine HCL to add to the pre-cardio stack with caffeine. It arrived, so I bumped cardio to 30 minutes 6 days a week in the morning from week 3 so we could take full advantage of it. To read why it works so well, check this article here on the ‘ultimate fat loss supplement stack‘.

Changes to be implemented: cardio up to 6×30 min

Week 3:

Bodyweight: 58.4kg (-1.5kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 66 (-0.5cm)

After 3 weeks, we were making good progress, but I wanted to push things a little with the diet, so we started some light carb cycling by dropping carbs 40g on his 3 non-weights days.

Changes to be implemented: adjust macros to 160P/60F/120C three days a week

Week 4:

Bodyweight: 58.6kg (+0.2kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 64.7 (-1.3cm)

Weight stuck this week, but umbilicus continued to drop, and Karan’s mid-section was starting to come out now a little more. With four weeks to go, and motivation on the rise, I wanted to keep pushing him.

For the diet, we dropped fats to 50 grams, and reduced training day carbs by 20 grams.

With cardio, we bumped morning cardio up 5 minutes, and added an extra 20 minute HIIT session on another non-weights day.

Changes to be implemented: adjust macros to 160P/50F/140C or 120C (training or rest day), 5 mins extra LISS, 1×20 min extra HIIT

Week 5:

Bodyweight: 58.2kg (-0.4kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 63.9cm (-0.8cm)

Hunger was up this week, but body was changing rapidly. I remember him emailing me saying he was already in the best shape he’d been in, so the excitement to see what 3 more weeks would do was driving him hard.

During short transformations, I generally make very small changes each week to keep the body fat flying off. This week we bumped morning cardio again up 5 minutes (40 min total), and reduced the 3 non-weights day carbs to 100 grams.

Changes to be implemented: adjust 3 non-weights days macros to 160P/50F/100C, 5 mins extra LISS

Week 6:

Bodyweight: 57.9kg (-0.3kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 63.7cm (-0.2cm) 

Karan’s work was getting crazy, so he was flip-flopping between fasted cardio and evening cardio depending on the day focusing first on getting it done, rather than trying to be optimal.

While I do prefer fasted cardio (read here for why), the number one priority is always to get it done, no matter the time of the day.

At this point he was also beginning to flatten a little, and his strength and energy in the gym was being hit. So what we did was give him a boost in carbs on his next training day, pushing it to 200g for the day. Nothing crazy, but enough to manage some fatigue, restore some glycogen and keep things ticking on all fronts.

From the day after the refeed, I told him to bump morning cardio to 45 minutes for a two-week blast.

Changes to be implemented: refeed day of 160P/50F/200C on one training day, 5 mins extra LISS.

Week 7:

Bodyweight: 57.8kg (-0.1kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 63.5cm (-0.2cm)

After the refeed, Karan went up 3lbs but was struggling with some constipation, so we added some Psyllium Husks into the diet. This helped a little but not enough, so we used some Senna to help stimulate peristalsis (contraction of the intestine) which is sometimes needed to get things ‘moving’ again.

The first port of call would always be a moderate dose of a fibre supplement like the Psyllium Husk. But if things have completely ground to a halt, Senna works very well at kickstarting the digestive process again.

By the next check-in, he was down 0.1kg on his previous weight, but more importantly, looking much fuller and vascular.

He still had a little more to come off though if we wanted him to look good for the beach, so I told him to grind for 5-6 days by dropping carbs 30g on the four weight-training days, and 20g on the three non-weights days.

Changes to be implemented: adjust macros to 160P/50F/110C or 80C (training or rest day)

Final Transformation:

Bodyweight: 56.4kg (total -4.6kg)

Umbilicus Circumference: 63.3cm (total -5.2cm)

The final 5-6 day push worked, and chopped off the remaining fat we needed to get rid of. The only thing was that he was looking flat and depleted, which isn’t what we want on the beach! So we implemented another refeed a day before he flew, using the same macros as the last refeed – pushing carbs up to 200 grams.

In the last 3-4 days before his holiday, we also reduced cardio to 20-30 mins instead of the usual daily 45 minutes.

These were his final comparison pictures. More muscle, less body fat and most importantly, the abs are out for the beach!

Karan did really well over the past 7-8 weeks, and worked hard to achieve the results he did. After his trip to Ibiza, we plan to shift gears into muscle building and start packing on some size!


Here’s what Karan has to say about his experience with RNT Fitness so far:

“I started working with Akash around 8 weeks ago with the intention of becoming as lean as possible for an upcoming holiday. Seeing the shape Akash is in and knowing he definitely practiced what he preaches gave me confidence to sign up with him. 

He created a bespoke plan for me consisting of weights and cardio training, nutrition and supplementation; the level of detail was far beyond what I expected and his instructions for training and checking in meant I knew this would be a very thorough 8 weeks of training. 

As I started the programme, Akash was always available for any questions I had (and I had a lot!) and offered support and guidance when sending my training logs and especially when he saw my training videos, where he ensured form was at the forefront of the training. I can definitely say this has been the biggest positive improvement through his guidance.

Having now finished the programme, the results speak volumes, I have lost a considerable amount of weight and body fat , have improved form on my key exercises and definitely hit my goal of looking in shape for my holiday. 

Training with Akash has been incredible though I must stress it is not easy and requires you to be fully dedicated to all aspects of the programme from the training, diet and being mentally positive. In those moments you are lacking motivation, Akash is great to speak to as he puts you back on track instantly. 

To summarise I was a little nervous around the whole online coaching, but with Akash and the resources available from RNT Fitness I can say it was excellent and if you are serious about getting in shape, whether it is to get lean or bulk up I can’t recommend Akash and RNT Fitness enough. I look forward to continuing my training with him, and hitting new goals!”

For more examples of our transformations, have a scroll through growing page of before/afters here.

If you’d like to be our next transformation, check out what we can offer you at our services page, or get in touch here.

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