KMAK’s Top 20 Hip Hop Training Playlist

KMAK’s Top 20 Hip Hop Training Playlist

Ever since I dropped the Top Ten Hip Hop Training Songs of All Time in the summer of 2017 it sparked a load of debate as to what should and shouldn’t have made the cut.

I can’t lie, every time I revisit it, I still think it’s tough to beat.

But as one to stay open minded, RNT Coach Kunal aka. Mr. KMAK, decided to take matters in his own hands and drop a top 20.

In this list, he brings a few songs that I’d have included if I’d done a top 20 (Hypnotize, Till I Collapse, Shook Ones, Still DRE, Ambitions As A Ridah, Ruff Ryder’s), as well as some predominantly new school hip hop that I stayed away from in my 90s dominated playlist.

Without further ado, here’s KMAK with his top 20.

1) DMX – Intro

This was Mike Tyson’s intro in 99 against Botha, so if you want to get in the zone for your workout like Iron Mike, there’s no better way to start.

2) Meek Mill – Dreams and Nightmares

Still getting into it, so here’s another intro and one of Meek’s greatest tracks. The Philadelphia Eagles were introduced to this classic on Superbowl 50. (

3) Jay Z – 99 Problems

I’m one of Jay Z’s biggest fans, so this was an easy choice. If you’ve got problems, listen to this.  

4) Roy Jones – Can’t Be Touched

Released in 04 from one of my favourite boxers, and it never fails to pump me up before a big set.

5) Biggie Smalls – Hypnotize

There’s something about this beat that makes feel like Conor McGregor. Just as we get into the meat of the workout, this steps things up.

6) Jay Z ft Linkin’ Park – Numb/Encore

One of the best collaboration tracks around. RIP Chester.

7) Eminem – Till I Collapse

Spotify just announced this as the best workout song ever. Need I say more?

8) Eminem – Lose Yourself

Back to back gems from Em. This one from 8 Mile’s soundtrack is pure fire and raw emotion.

9) 50 Cent – Hustler’s Ambition

A classic from one of my favourite artists around.  Heard this a few weeks back in the gym and I had to include it. 

10). Dr Dre ft Snoop Dogg – Still D.R.E

Close contender for the greatest beat ever here. This one always lights the place up.

11) 50 Cent – If I Can’t 

Just when you think you can’t complete the second half of the workout, 50 drops this banger.

12) DMX – Ruff Ryder’s Anthem

DMX at his best. One of my favourite rappers to have on in the gym.

13) Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest

Prepare to nod your head throughout this song. 

14) Mobb Deep – Shook Ones

The greatest beat ever invented. 

15) Drake ft Lil Wayne, Kanye West & Eminem – Forever

An all-star track here that can really bring the energy up.

16) Meek Mill Ft Rick Ross – Ima A Boss

Anything from Meek always gets me hyped up. Aiming for a strong finish here.

17) Wale ft Meek, Rick Ross – Ambition

Peak Maybach Music Group music here.

18) Rick Ross, Drake & French Montana – Stay Schemin’

High energy here from this trio, a big track.

19) Fat Joe – Lean Back

A classic from 04 that never fails to get the place poppin’.

20) 2Pac – Ambition As a Ridah

Nate Diaz’s intro to UFC 196. Classic Pac.

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