Kully Sahota Case Study: How Kully Used His Transformation Journey To Thrive Throughout Lockdown

Kully Sahota Case Study: How Kully Used His Transformation Journey To Thrive Throughout Lockdown

We’ve all been trapped in that fruitless fitness cycle. in which we get up, go to the gym, diet and come the weekend it all falls apart.

At this point, most would throw in the towel, unable to harvest the fruits of their labour. Others decide to plant new seeds.

Kully, too, was stuck in this rut. As a busy father of two running his own accountancy practice, time is precious and, as every accountant should know, it should be invested wisely.

After years of early morning gym sessions and countless PTs, Kully’s physique wasn’t changing. This is because his time and energy was spent spinning his wheels on ineffective training regimes and neglecting key transformation protocols, such as nutrition, structure, and sleep.

Kully’s Comments: “I came across RNT on Facebook it seemed as if I had been wasting my time, torturing myself getting up early all these years and restricting foods to still look the same, for what I asked myself what was the point? In the past I used many different PT’s who promise the earth with the generic “plans” then once signed up they start to change the timing of your training slots or there is no structure in the training the diet is never re-visited.

“I would use a PT to get in shape for a holiday, do a 12 week intense stint, train 4 times a week then go on holiday, and return back in the same shape unmotivated to wake up at 5am and train and go through all that again.”

Kully was trapped in short term fitness cycles, sprinting to achieve his physical fitness goals in a short period of time and then stopping when the destination was reached, resulting in his efforts unravelling and being stuck back at square one. In reaching his destination, Kully neglected the most important part: the journey.

The transformation journey is imperative to alter habits and install learned behaviours that will facilitate long term transformation as opposed to merely a physical quick fix and gradually seeing your efforts dwindle.

Kully was provided with a holistic transformation strategy devised bespoke to his lifestyle. Taking into account his training, nutrition intake, sleep, steps and mood, Kully was held accountable to his RNT coach, his key motivator during the rather unusual times of COVID-19 when all daily structure seems to have slipped away.

Facilitating a Lockdown Transformation

As lockdown hit and schools and gyms closed, Kully was suddenly faced with multiple stressors. On top of having to manage two children out of school, Kully needed to keep his business running and clients happy (especially being an accountant in a period of economic chaos), and furloughed staff means a greater workload.

Kully did not let this stop his progression however, and his RNT coach adapted his transformation checklist protocols to accommodate these changes and fit them around his hectic lifestyle.

A consistent nutrition strategy was key to facilitating his transformation and ensuring none of the wheels fell off during these excessively stressful periods in which it is tempting to seek the ‘easy option’.

This consistency eliminated decision fatigue, reducing potential poor diet choices, and subsequently saved time which worked greatly to Kully’s advantage, especially under the current circumstances.

Ensuring he met his nutrition checklist, Kully added structure to his days which had otherwise been disrupted with the effects of lockdown. His weekly check ins with his RNT coach additionally kept his progress on check as he remained accountable to all his transformation checklist protocols.

While gyms may have been closed, RNT never shut its doors and while general PT plans would have fallen off the grid, Kully’s plans simply adapted to change. Taking Kully’s transformation progress into consideration and what tools he had at his disposal, he was provided with new, personalised training strategies to continue building on his transformation at home.

Checking in every week enabled Kully’s coach, to track his improvements and adapt his plans and transformation checklist protocols accordingly to keep Kully on track with his transformation journey.

Kully joined us at RNT at 70.69kg and 20 weeks into his journey, he hit his peak week weighing in at his leanest of 57.73kg, losing 12.96kg since the start of his transformation.

Kully’s Comments: “From day one the support has been great my coach has always been on hand to offer advice and make the relevant changes to my plan. I think this is key the plan is mine, is tailored to me to my fitness level, to my goals and matched to my progress. Through the weekly check-ins my RNT coach was able to assess how I was doing and make the relevant changes, in the end the results speak for themselves.”

The Longevity of the Journey

Kully will admit, he was sceptical after signing up to RNT at first. After many futile fitness plans from generic PTs, why wouldn’t he be? Expecting to experience the same results after 12 weeks, Kully thought his transformation journey would come to an end. But low and behold, it was just the beginning.

Kully’s Comments: “With RNT I actually wanted to find out if the transformations were real or was it just a fad, hence I signed up. To be honest I didn’t think I would do this for longer than 12 weeks but that’s when I started seeing the change. There is no short cut they promote or magic supplement, it is pure effort. It is simple really they tell you what to do, you do it, you get results.”

After what Kully thought would be the end of the road, everything started to fall into place. This is why nothing had ever worked out for him before, because a transformation journey isn’t a 12-week sprint, it’s a lifelong marathon.

Implementing the 3Ss (strategy, structure and systems) into, not just his exercise regime, but his daily routine, Kully unlocked the physical and mental power beyond any ‘get fit quick’ fix.

Using the physical as the vehicle, Kully went from spinning his wheels to spinning many plates; he is running a business, being a father, handling clients and staff, and to top it off all whilst handling the added pressure of COVID-19 and lockdown.

In circumstances that many would deem too ‘taxing’, this accountant used what the transformation journey had taught him to maintain structure in all areas of his life to come out of lockdown in the shape of his life. The next step? Fortifying his transformation.

The Journey Continues

Feeling the power of his transformation, Kully has embraced the RNT lifestyle and his scepticism is a thing of the past. Now understanding that long term transformation requires a lot more than a crash course, Kully is entering the investment phase of his transformation journey.

Having steadily consolidated over the last few months, Kully’s new challenge is to “embraced the fluff”, preparing himself for a lengthy period of muscle building. As Kully’s initial ambition was to improve his physique and see real physical changes, this is his time to make his dreams a reality.

With a reset mentality and an awakened sense of the bigger picture, Kully knows that he will get out of his process phase what he puts into it. And if his progress so far is anything to go by, he is most certainly going to give it his all.

As well as muscle building and advancing his progress so far, Kully’s investment phase will facilitate him to master his learned behaviours through this period of autoregulation to be in the shape of his life, for life.

Kully’s Comments: “For me this is not the end of the journey and I plan to implement a long investment phase of muscle building with the help of my coach and RNT. The more you sacrifice the more effort you put in the easier it will be in the future, this can be transposed to all areas in life especially business and one of the main things I have learnt. I learned a lot about myself on this journey, it’s very thought provoking getting up at 4am and training on your own.

“I managed to get into shape while dealing with family life, running a business, COVID-19 lockdown, isolation, gym closure, government changes affecting my clients, furloughed staff and still able to achieve these results.”

Using The Physical As The Vehicle

Kully’s transformation journey started off with physical ambitions, but nobody could predict the months to come. Lockdown posed many strange and completely new challenges, and while RNTers use the physical as the vehicle to positively impact other areas of their lives, this has never been more prominent or valuable.

Lockdown dissipated daily structure and routines, but by applying the 3Ss to his life, Kully regained a sense of structure and control which was extremely advantageous to his professional career. The benefits that stem from the physical, such as greater energy, productivity, clarity and mental stimulation, fuelled Kully’s power and kept his momentum running (both physical and mental) at a time needed more than ever.

Facing these difficulties head on, Kully applied the lessons learned from his transformation journey and benefitted from the advantages that come with the physical transformation to excel in life, and emerge from lockdown at the top of his game as well as being in the shape of his life so far. Related Articles

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