CTP & Non-Negotiables

CTP & Non-Negotiables

In order to minimise decision fatigue, create your structures, systems and strategies, the first port of call is to audit your schedule and create non negotiable time blocks for the fundamentals:

  • Training
  • Meal prep
  • Cardio /  Steps

Once you’ve established those non negotiable time blocks ensure you give yourself a small 10-30% time buffer to account for potential obstacles.

For example if you give yourself 60 mins for training but haven’t accounted for the 10 mins walk to and from the gym, this will lead to more decisions being made and in hand diminishing your quality of decisions later in the day.

The main goal of establishing non negotiables is so that you can ensure you have the freedom to not only execute the fundamentals within your lifestyle, but also do it in a manner that eradicates any decisions and maximises time management.

When looking to refine your non negotiables and 3 S’s, you’ll need to allow a sufficient amount of time to determine whether or not that specific structure is best for you – test it out for 2 weeks, review and refine from there.

Once you’ve audited your schedule and implemented your non negotiable’s within your lifestyle, this will serve as the framework to ensure your long term adherence and success.

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Samir Oukili

Samir Oukili is an RNT body transformation coach based in London. Samir specialises in helping the general population transform their physique, health and lifestyle for good. With an ever increasing obsession to learn, and a deep desire for growth, Samir finds fulfillment in helping people navigate day-to-day life, and achieve life changing results.