When looking into happiness research, a very common trait that is seen in the most fulfilled people is having the ability to look at things in a way that removes the victimisation off the observer. In plain English, people who see the bright side in everything seem to live a better life while the opposite is observed in people who do not.

This view of life is also highly correlated to depression which doesn’t seem to be circumstantial as plenty of celebrities or people who seem to have everything suffer from crippling depression while a child in a third world country is just happy to spend time with her mother.

When it comes to a big physical transformation, learning how to view the boxes you need to tick in a positive fashion will always yield the greatest result simply because it doesn’t feel like “work” to the person who really finds joy in their meal plan, being active, and just living a much healthier life.

During my own transformation, a lot of people asked how I remained so disciplined to get in such a high level of activity where I was hitting 20,000 steps, an hour of cardio along with 2 hour gymnastic based workouts. Looking back, I never viewed those things as work, especially when it came to walking. I always looked at walking giving me the following:

  • Great for digestion
  • Amazing for my joints which allows me to do all the crazy things with my hips/shoulders.
  • Getting sunlight and fresh air.
  • Mental “break” from the world
  • Walking past a trauma ward every single day made me extremely grateful for having the ability to actually walk.

I applied this mental approach to everything and it made the entire process that much more enjoyable. Next time when you feel things are getting hard, start to make a mental list in your mind about the positives that said activity is bringing you and get out of the victim trap!

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Ivan Gavranic

Ivan Gavranic is an RNT coach that specialises in body transformation, injury management and gymnastic/calisthenic based programming. Ivan’s relentless passion and drive for constant improvement and learning has had him work and consult with some of the best coaches in the world, and truly understand what it takes to achieve an incredible physique.