[YouTube] Process Phase, Part One: Beating The Motivation Dip!

[YouTube] Process Phase, Part One: Beating The Motivation Dip!

The aim of the Process phase is to use everything you’ve built during CTP to push hard towards your first Transformation Checkpoint, where you’ll complete the first half of the equation: getting into the shape of your life.

This video dives into the early stages of this phase, where you might run into the Motivation Dip!

You can watch the video here:

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Ed Pimley

Ed Pimley is an RNT body transformation coach based in Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in Perth (Western Australia), Ed has spent the past 13 years working in both countries helping his clients achieve their goals and incredible, life-changing results. Ed works with a variety of clients (athletes, busy parents, City Executives) and believes in educating his clients on the importance of their training, nutrition and mindset.