Puja · Checkpoint

Puja gained a new body and a new identity with RNT Fitness

I represented an accumulation of bad habits, lack of self worth, and not much confidence. I felt I couldn’t continue as I was. I had been looking at RNT’s work for a while but it seemed inaccessible to someone like me that had gotten so lost in life. My trigger came when I had to go and buy some clothes and the biggest thing in the store didn’t fit. I had a terrible habit of looking to food for comfort and dealt with any mood or stress by overeating. Soon the food that I was consuming was consuming me.

I had had enough so I got in touch with RNT at the tail end of October 2018, and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Slowly chipping away at the old version of myself, my bad habits, facing myself everyday in this process has been nothing but enlightening. The education that RNT gives out is truly its superpower. Accountability is the golden nugget to ensuring progress. Staying accountable each week meant I had to face myself and my reality.

The support and guidance from RNT has been so much more than I had anticipated. This transformation has been only possible due to their patience, support and forward planning.

RNT’s coaching is more than just about the physical. We’ve gone beyond that to ensure that I can create a 2.0. Focusing on my day to day, I’ve been able to see more clearly where I need to work on prioritising things in the right way. The momentum that has built over the last year has been motivating and encouraging.

It’s been difficult to accept how different I look. It’s welcomed for sure, but it just seems too good to be true because I had spent so long in version 1.0. The continuous support from the RNT team is again making me chip away at the old mindset to truly accept who I now am.

RNT has truly saved a dying soul and has enabled it to live again.

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