The Seven Faces of Online Transformation Coaching

The Seven Faces of Online Transformation Coaching

If you’re a coach, personal trainer, or you’re looking to switch careers while developing your online transformation coaching skills to the next level, this article is going to be a game changer for you! 

The online coach… the supposed dream job of a 9-5’er.

Who wouldn’t want to work from their laptop by the pool and send a few emails?

While it’s sold as a dream by wishful marketers, it’s sadly not quite the reality. Nor that simple!

With zero regulations on who gives or offers online training in the fitness industry, it’s quickly becoming a needle in a haystack for those looking for good quality coaching that can produce the level of results that match their goals.

And with that, if anyone can do this job, what makes the cream rise to the top? Is it the plans, the number of followers, or the ripped physique of the person giving the plans? What defines the best of the best when it comes to online transformation coaching?

It’s the art of coaching!

It sounds obvious, but this lost art has truly been forgotten in a forest full of sales, marketing, specific programs, new diets and the latest supplements.

If coaching was simply a case of giving your clients the perfect training plan coupled with the perfect diet plan, wouldn’t every single person who starts a fat loss plan succeed?

Of course not. As a coach, if you want to see results with a client, there are three critical layers than need to be addressed, of which the last is what separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of online transformation coaching.

Layer 1: Base Knowledge

This is absolutely foundational. You still need to know anatomy, physiology and the general basics of the goal you’re trying to achieve. Do you know how muscles grow and the stimulus needed for it? Do you know how fat loss occurs and the main key components involved? Do you know how different machines at different gyms work, and how they can change your client’s form and ability to work a muscle?

Learning the bare basics isn’t sexy anymore, but it’s the first layer that any trainer worth their salt will have spent years building, and continuing to solidify.

Layer 2: Time & Miles 

Specifically, time and miles on the gym floor. Have you developed quality experience actively coaching on the gym floor? A current trend we’re seeing now is the growth of online coaches who’ve seen the allure of the ‘laptop lifestyle’, and jumped straight into it with zero experience on the gym floor. Perhaps even worse is that many of the newer online coaches are learning from other online coaches that have never stepped on the gym floor, nor coached a single person face to face.

This is a big mistake, and it’s absolutely a rite of passage that you need to go through as an online coach. Being on the gym floor teaches you so many valuable tools in transformation coaching that can be difficult to learn on a keyboard. For example:

– Cueing, teaching and correcting form, learning how to recruit muscles and spot common mistakes in execution in a wide variety of different body types.

– Learning how to build rapport and having difficult conversations.

– Building non-specific skills of time keeping, working non-sociable hours, and the ability to not let whatever is happening in your life affect your level of service to your clients.

Clocking the miles on the gym floor will teach you just how much of an art the true form of coaching is, and we’d recommend spending at least a minimum of a year on the floor before going full time online.

Layer 3: Adaptability

This is where the magic happens. At RNT, we call this layer the Seven Faces of Online Transformation Coaching.

In order to be an effective, results-producing coach, you need to have the ability to know when/where/how/why you should wear each of the seven faces.

This isn’t industry specific either. We’ve seen direct correlates in the business, finance and sports world. This is coaching at its purest, and it’s what allows you to piece together your base knowledge, time and miles into effective delivery that gives your client what they want.

Ask yourself this…

Have you ever experienced a dictator coach at some point? The classic football coach that just shouts and blasts the seven year old’s for not defending well or conceding a goal. How many of those kids respond to that type of coaching? A few but not many. Most of the kids will just internalise and actually become worse because of it.

Have you ever had the teacher that just lays the information out for you, uses all the metrics to justify the answer, and expects you to get the answer from logic and stats? How many people respond to that type of coaching? A few but not many.

Have you ever experienced someone who just seamlessly has the right style for you? Someone who explains things at your level. Someone who knows when to put on the hard coaching when needed, but also knows when to empathise and understand when the time is right. Chances are not many of you will have had the luxury of experiencing someone who has really nailed the art of coaching. It’s rare.

As a coach, you’re the one always responsible and accountable for your client’s education and understanding of training, nutrition and lifestyle factors that affects their health and body composition. If they don’t follow the guidelines, it’s your fault.

It’s likely that your coaching style for that person just isn’t the right one. Tough pill to swallow, right?

Trainers, here’s some food for thought…

Have you got clients that just aren’t doing what you’re saying, aren’t following the plan, and you’re going around in circles with the same type of Q&A sequence with minimal change to behaviour, adherence, or thought process?  

You’re probably nodding along – everyone has them!

The real questions are then…

Have you played on their emotional why to create action?

Have you given them analogies to help them understand?

Have you given them some tough love with some constructive comments?

Have you used data and feelings to create the response you want?

Have you built up, learned, trained and used the seven faces of coaching?

Unlocking the Seven Faces of Online Transformation Coaching

We often get asked what our team meetings, mentorships and discussions between coaches consist of. Are we plotting the newest training methodology, or designing a breakthrough diet, or formulating a new supplement stack? Very rarely.

The meat and potatoes of our team discussions is around building the Adaptability layer, and learning how to effectively use each of the seven faces of online coaching.

Nearly every client problem or issue can be effectively solved through coaching. The real skill and art of it is knowing which face to use to create and deliver the solution.

Here’s a brief insight into the seven faces…

Face #1 – The Enabler 

This face focuses on the plans you’re putting into place to enable your client and set them up for as much adherence to the plan as possible. It’s knowing the best real world strategies for fat loss. It’s knowing the best way to set up a diet for most adherence with the general population. It’s about knowing how to enable you clients to ‘do’.

Face #2 – The Strategiser

The Strategiser face looks at how to best make changes for your clients throughout their journey for both short and long term results. It’s knowing the strategies for social events, travel plans and the insider knowledge of all situations your clients will inevitably face during your time with you.

Face #3 – The Trainer 

This face covers all things training. Do you have knowledge on how to build muscle with your general population clients? Do you consider commercial gym set ups, the machines, and the equipment within the gym? Do you know how to differentiate your training for males vs. females, and beginners vs. intermediates vs. advanced trainees?

Face #4 – The Liberator

The face of a liberator is one that a coach can put on to help liberate clients from lifestyle stressors and deep-rooted issues. Can you turn on your Liberator and advise on stress management, sleep, dealing with issues and negotiating around them while still pushing towards the goal?

Face #5 – The Empathiser

This is all about communication. We all know it’s not what you say but how you say it. How are you delivering your check ins and how will they be received? Will they take action from what you’ve said by how you’ve said it? Do you know when to push or to pull? Have you been in their shoes and can they draw from your experiences to help them through their own? The face brings all the others together. When the Empathiser is on, you have the power to change perception and help your clients take action through your words/actions.

Face #6 – The Executor 

The Executor is the face of experience, and the face that draws from your time coaching, your own journey, and all the trial and error you’ve been through.

Face #7 – The Problem Solver

The face of the Problem Solvers puts all the pieces together. You have the ability to look at your faces and choose the appropriate face to do the job you want. It’s all too easy to keep the same face on for everyone and in all situations, but the sign of an excellent coach is their level of adaptability. Can you choose the right face for the job? Can you be the Problem Solver?

The Seven Faces Podcast… 

To listen to Akash and Nathan talk about the Seven Faces of Online Transformation Coaching, check out the Episode 83 of RNT Fitness Radio here: 


The New RNT Online Coaching Mastermind, Coming Soon in July… 

Earlier in 2019 we launched a private mastermind program for a small group of ambitious coaches looking to become the best possible online coaches they can be. It was hugely successful, and through popular demand and continuous requests from other coaches wanting to learn more of the RNT way, we’ve decided to run it again – this time for the public!

During the RNT Online Coaching Mastermind, we will teach you the Seven Faces of Online Coaching, and effectively enable you to learn the layer of successful coaching that just about every certification and mentorship out there misses out.

In an industry obsessed with sales and marketing, learning how to effectively coach and deliver your services in the right way for your client has been all but forgotten. Which is why this mastermind will be solely geared towards mastering the Seven Faces we’ve outlined today.

The advantage we have when teaching this is we’re gaining insights no one across the industry has, with our unique ability to effectively run our own lab experiments in 100s of different clients, and learn what works for real people living real lives across all backgrounds.

If you’d like to be a part of the next cohort starting in the middle of July, please email us on today.

Full details on the course structure, dates, prices, as well as what previous graduates thought, will be released on the 1st July, stay tuned!

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