Tips For Freezing Food

Tips For Freezing Food

With meal prep being a key part of your RNT journey, batch cooking will become a common occurrence each week.  Life can get busy, especially in the weekdays with work and children’s activities, so being organised with your weekly meals saves a lot of time and stress. That way you can focus more time on yourself and the family. 

This will mean that the freezer will be in use regularly, so here are some tips for those of you who haven’t really frozen food before as this may change!

1. Cooked chicken can be frozen for 4-6 months but make sure you thaw the chicken for a full day in the fridge before using it!

2. Vegetables can be frozen for 8-12 months and can generally be taken straight from the oven to stove!

3. Its best not to freeze raw eggs, hard boiled eggs, vegetables with a high-water content and plain yoghurt.

4. Label the containers/bags with the date they have been made and the macro content.

5. Make sure you have the correct portion control to avoid wastage.

A good article to read on meal prep is

Happy cooking!

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Shaneeta Malik

Shaneeta is an RNT body transformation coach that’s been has been coaching for over 10 years, albeit in a different field, and knows everything about the nuisances in getting clients motivated, organised and achieving their goals. As a mother of two, she’s an advocate of making life time changes that benefit the family as a whole. You only need to spend a few minutes around Shaneeta to feel her infectious passion and enthusiasm, and her ability to empathise, enable and strategise means she’s able to extract the most from her clients.