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Sometimes help finds its way to you in the most unexpected ways. It was when I was in desperate need of help that RNT found its way into my life. When I signed up to RNT I did it completely on a whim. I didn’t know anyone who had used them or didn’t even know much about their method or philosophy, but as it turns out signing up to RNT was the best decision I made when I felt I was lost and had no direction in life. Their knowledge of training and nutrition combined with the passion for what they do made it a recipe for success. However it was their focus on caring about their client that made them different.

I was a person to them not just a statistic and they were invested in me just as much as I was invested in them. With someone with no real training background and a complete lack of control when it comes to food, RNT was able to change my way of thinking and drove me to change old deeply engrained habits in a very short space of time. More importantly for me, it gave me the control back in my life when I was struggling with my purpose and helped me reconnect with my life. There will never be enough words to thank the guys at RNT for what they did for me when I was at my lowest point but I will be forever grateful. I’m looking forward to continuing working with them to build strength and work on a long term lifestyle solution which will continue to benefit me and my family for many years to come. Thank you team RNT. If you are sitting on the fence, sign up and go all in!


I am a Business Mentor/Coach and serial entrepreneur. I am Founder & CEO of Lighthouse Capital, a company forged on the principles of Honesty, Transparency and ultimate Integrity.

I am a father of 2 young boys and have run multiple businesses.  I lost my father (he was 51 years old at the time) at a very young age, which really made me grow up faster than I would have wanted. Having worked within the Investment Banking arena for over 25 years, I found life just got away from me and noticed my body struggling some 3 years ago. Having frequent gout attacks, high cholesterol, onset of diabetes together with real pain in my body I decided that I simply did not want to die when I had not even reached 50 years!.

In October 2017, I decided to undertake some DNA, blood & Urine tests as the first measure to find out the current state of my health, which really opened met eyes up. Its at this stage I came across RNT Fitness, having seen some amazing results from two of my good friends Akash Desai and Shiv Haria,  that’s when I thought there must be something in this and decided I wanted to work with RNT Fitness. The crazy thing was, I signed up in April 2018, but physically did not kick start my RNT journey until August 2018 – I call these the lost months.

When I was assigned my RNT coach, I remember suggesting I would be happy with a 10/15 Kg drop. At this early stage I simply did not have the self belief that I could drop even 10 Kilos, let alone the subsequently amazing results that have come through. At the time, I was even gave me some ball park numbers as to my shredded weight and even mentioned that he would get me to 28 inch waist – which I politely laughed off. Well, I can safely say that he was 100% right in saving my life.

All my health markers are now stable, with Diabetes, Cholesterol and Gout all gone. I can safely say that RNT has given me a second wind in my life, having recently turned 50 I now look forward to the 2nd chapter in my life. RNT Fitness, lead by the able Akash Vaghela, I simply say they are the most caring bunch of people I have ever had the pleasure of working with – life changers. The process, systems and accountability they have continue to inspire and change peoples lives. The support is incredible and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Feels great to feel young again and full energy. Not only have I improved my life as a Coach/Mentor, my business has exploded, as RNT puts it, the Physical is the Vehicle for great immeasurable things in life. To those considering putting a value on their lives, RNT Fitness are simply priceless.  

Thanks RNT, Big Love & Hugs!


Living in Southern California, after growing up in Detroit, I’ve always played a lot of sports, been active, and always been someone who considered himself to be “really into health”. I had been lifting weights and thought I knew what I was doing, but I had no direction and accountability. Even with the right workout philosophy and knowledge of what’s good for the body, I learned that one can’t get ideal results without executing a perfect formula. RNT knows that formula.

I was eating “healthy foods” but not getting the results I wanted. I learned there’s a big difference between eating for body composition and eating for nutritional content. Eating for nutritional purposes left me wondering why I wasn’t also getting physical changes despite working out. It was a pretty frustrating process. There were so many foods I thought were innocent, that were incredibly malicious. I also needed to rebuild my habits and discipline. RNT’s process has helped me with the habit and discipline formation necessary to achieve the results and they have passed on into everything I do.

I remember when I first came across RNT’s work online. I sampled the workout plan a bit after my exposure and read some of their articles. The more I learned, the more I got hooked. After a few weeks I decided to get some accountability and sign up. I was too forgiving of myself. If I messed up, I would tell myself I’ll make a better decision next time. I needed structure and an expert to answer to.

Working with RNT has been easy, low stress, flexible and educational. RNT provides everything you need and will guide you step by step to the results you’re looking for. For me, I needed flexibility, and so we worked together to incorporate my lifestyle into my goals. My background has an IV sedation dentist with a nutritional sciences degree really helped in understanding the concepts being taught. It was really enjoyable to discover a new way of life that includes both freedom and life satisfaction.

I now feel great. I can now eat guilt free and make up for it when I make a bad decision. I’m still training hard so my body is really responding well to the increased food. I really feel like my result would never have been something I could imagine when I was first starting. I have never been so satisfied, energized, and in control of my body. I have to give a big thanks to RNT.


Months into starting my own business, I realised between the late nights, the poor quality food and the high stress, I was starting to look weak and ‘skinny fat’.

I reached out to Akash, and over the course of the next few months I couldn’t believe how quickly I transformed my body.


I first contacted RNT to get into shape for an upcoming holiday, and within 8 weeks I’d reached my goal of 6 pack abs on the beach.

Their level of service impressed me so much that I’ve continued to train with them long past the holiday, focusing on different goals such as gaining muscle and strength development.

I’d recommend RNT to anyone looking to improve his or her physiques in the most efficient manner possible.


As a busy mum of two boys (three if you count our dog!), I work 5 days a week in a small business that requires travel to China twice a year. I got to a point where I thought I’m not going to have any more kids and it was time to get my body back. I have always been active since I can remember.

I have tried different gyms, fitness classes, boot camps and PT’s.

I loved anything to do with cardio, and weight training at that time was never really a thing. After my second son I was a lot older, and without realising at the time, my pregnancy did take it’s toll on me. Pre-RNT, I was training five times a week (often at local bootcamp classes), I thought I was being good with food. But I still wasn’t feeling like I was accomplishing anything.

My husband Biraj (who had started training with RNT) could see how I was feeling and pushed me forward to start. And so the journey began!

When I first initiated my conversation with the guys at RNT, I was very hesitant; I didn’t think I would be able to do the workouts. I wondered how how I was going to fit it all in with the kids and work.  And the food… I had no idea where to start!  But when I got the workout plan it was fine! The information was structured and in terminology I knew.

What really helped was the library of videos on the RNT website that I could go to and my coach always being quick to reply.

What I also love is the RNT community on Facebook; people were sharing recipes, tips and just their overall experiences, which always helps.

It’s been almost a year with RNT and I have learnt so much about my body and food, and how much strength I have emotionally and physically. They’ve helped me to achieve my chin up goal which I never thought I could do. I even recently did my photoshoot and can honestly say it was one of the most uncomfortable things I have done. Having your wedding photos taken is one thing, but this was all about me and what I looked like. I was all out there with nothing to hide! Pre-photoshoot I couldn’t really see what I had achieved but after the photoshoot I felt elevated. I still have my flaws but I was never looking for perfection or abs.

My ambition to carry on and develop myself is now so high that I am excited to set my next set of goals and smash them! Thank you RNT!


After much scepticism on visiting the RNT website and social media channels, I decided to take the plunge in signing up. Whilst, the initial weeks were a wake-up call and a steep learning curve as I rewired how to perform in the gym and what to fuel my body, the results slowly started to come. This culminated in a true body transformation in 5 months from signing up.

The fact remains that I achieved results in 5 months which I had been trying to get for the last 15 years. RNT truly cut through all the noise and BS out there when it came to executing the goals I wanted. On a personal level, what started out on pure physical goals has turned into a complete mindset change when I now enter the gym, at work, spend time with the family and my outlook on nutrition.

The journey so far has been life-changing and the best thing I have done for my health, especially now with two young girls: the tools I have learnt, and still learning, are now in my armoury in tackling any hurdles or obstacles I come across, as well as setting a great example to my children. It is fair to say that RNT was the missing piece in my health, fitness and wellness program.


After fracturing my foot over the summer I spent the weeks recovering eating, drinking and being generally inactive and soon piled on the weight. I was not in great shape and I decided I needed to take action so set myself a challenge to get into the best shape ever. My previous attempts at getting fit using home DVDs were just not working. That’s when I came across RNT Fitness and after reading up and contacting them I decided to sign up! It was the best decision!

They devised an extremely detailed workout plan which included everything I needed to achieve my goal. One of the best things about this program was the communication my coach kept with me. Not only did he answer all my questions but he was always touching base, giving me lots of motivation and support. RNT’s passion, commitment and dedication to their clients is clear, they want the results as much as them if not more!

Overall, it has been an incredible experience. I have gone beyond what I had hoped for and achieved what I felt was impossible. It has definitely been a challenge juggling family life and work but by being organised and making a some changes it is possible. At 43 years of age let’s call it my midlife crisis and I aim to keep going.


My name is Ivan and I’m a coach residing in Perth, Australia. I have been extremely passionate about training, nutrition and physique optimisation from a relatively young age which stemmed from a girl saying my arms were small (as most guys can probably relate to!). I was always active from a young age and seemed to have always had certain obsessions that I would completely immerse myself in and disregard everything else.  

Before starting RNT, I didn’t feel like I was going through any real emotional struggles, but I was always struggling financially. Always struggling to pay bills on time, having little money to spend on myself, etc. Having a mortgage as a personal trainer is not always the most secure thing in the world. Looking back, I just wasn’t being the best coach I could be and was blaming my circumstances more than looking inwardly as to why my client base wasn’t where it should be. This transformation made me so much more organised, pro-active and a much more effective coach which put me in a much more comfortable financial scenario. So even though my journey wasn’t born out of a strong motive to physically change (illness, breaking up with a partner, unhappy with my body) the transformation definitely leaked into other areas of my life, which seems to be a very common thing at RNT!  

I decided to take action with RNT because I had been following their stuff for a while and a lot of it resonated with myself personally. I have always wanted to be shredded, and I mean disgustingly ‘paper thin skin’ shredded. It has been an obsession of mine for a long time and I felt I was in the right place and life situation to get it done. I know I knew the process on how to do it but I needed the accountability and wanted to take all the thinking out because I knew I would get in my own way when things would get hard. I could see these guys (RNT) were getting people from all works of life into amazing shape, including themselves which was very important to me. They were very liberal with their content, evidence based and most importantly, they got real results with real people and not just the genetically elite.  

Working with RNT and my coach has been the greatest experience I have ever had working with a coach. I have worked with and learnt from many big names that I won’t mention, but all I am going to say is they don’t even come close to the level of attention, detail, accountability and most importantly, the care factor. RNT seemed to care more about my results than I did and I love how excited he would get with the progress we were making which just made me even more motivated to keep pushing. RNT also destroyed many preconceived notions I had about getting in TRUE stage lean condition in regards to dropping calories, doing cardio, losing muscle when dieting, cheat meals and diet breaks. It was liberating to put my full trust in them and the process and it had paid off immensely.  

I can say with 100% confidence that I have finally achieved my goal physique that I want to keep for the rest of my life. I have veins coursing through my abdominals and legs all the time, my face and skin look better than ever and I hit 6.2% body fat on a DEXA. My goal was always to get to stage condition and then maintain it which I know is not sustainable or healthy for a lot of people, especially if you want to grow more muscle over the long term. But the way that RNT have guided me into this position really makes me believe it is possible. The habits I have learnt over the process have just become part of my normal day to day which I look forward to so much as they fit into my lifestyle perfectly. Cycling has now become a non-negotiable that I do every morning for 1 hour because I love it (not because it burns calories), walking 20,000 steps/day allows me to get a lot of vitamin D and learn through audiobooks and podcasts, time restricted eating allows me to feel like my meals are substantial and having to wait for your first meal makes me appreciate food so much more. Also, due to the nature of my training these days which is all gymnastic and calisthenics based, I can tolerate a much higher training frequency without getting as beat up as someone training with barbells predominantly. I believe all these factors combined have put me in the perfect position to maintain what I have worked so hard for and I can’t praise the team at RNT enough. It has truly been a life changing experience and I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin.


I have struggled with my weight since a very young age and tried all sorts to be in better shape and to really shift the excess weight. But I was never completely successful or satisfied. I came across RNT through facebook. A friend of mine was training with RNT and her results looked amazing. Then it was a case of convincing my husband to join too.

We both embarked on the RNT journey on 29th Jan 2018. It gave me a regimented approach that worked. RNT’s nutrition plan showed me the importance of prepping on a Sunday for the week ahead. I realised cooking my chicken home for lunch, I could control what I put in and it was way better than buying a “healthy” chicken salad. I started to see the importance of macros and not just focusing on calories. I was always of the mindset that carbs were my enemy and RNT definitely changed that.

Until January, I was almost scared of weights. Unaware of how to use them, I would happily stick to cardio as my workout but obviously never really saw much difference. Doing the full body workout; planned by my RNT coach; I started weight training and was elated to see the difference. I am not yet in bikini body to show off stage but I have come so far; i cant believe it myself.  

I think what worked with RNT is that I never felt hungry or deprived. Seeing results week to week motivated me further to keep going and the weekly check-ins just gave me the accountability to work my butt off.  

It was tough breaking away from old habits but it was all worth it in the long run. I never thought I could lose 15kg in 5 months. I am not near my end goal but this is definitely a perfect start to my journey.