What Are YOUR Goals?

What Are YOUR Goals?

I know most of us skim over these types of things and think it’s a scam, fake, waste of time or whatever – and ultimately never take action.

But I promise you – this is the real deal.

You’ve just read the last 5 days worth of emails that have been full of free value and content that you can take away and action right now.

But how many of you will take those emails on-board and actually use it? I’m guessing a handful. You see, being given information is great, but we still have to spend time planning and thinking, don’t we?

What we really want is to have everything laid out on a plate. That way, all we have to do is follow it.

I get it, you’re busy.

And this is exactly why both Akash and I, here at RNT Fitness have decided that:

We’re giving away 12 weeks of FULL training, nutrition, cardio and supplementation plans – along with WEEKLY coaching check-ins.


That’s right.

We’re even going to go as far as giving two of these packages away. One male. One female.

If you head to our services page you’ll see that a 12 week package with us is £400. Here is your chance to win that package completely free of charge.

The Catch?

We want you to write out what your 12 week goal would be below. Just enter it right in the comments box underneath this page.

That’s it.

If you’re not willing to set aside 2-3 minutes to simply write about what your goals are or what you’d love to achieve – then you’re likely never going to achieve them. They just don’t mean that much to you right now.

But for those of you that do follow through on this; just committing to writing and reading back your own goal – creates powerful accountability.

Have a think, do you want:

  • More muscle?
  • Less body fat?
  • A better placing at your next competition?
  • More confidence?
  • Improved health markers?

It could even be a combination of all. Simply get it written up and submitted. Get the ball rolling on finally achieving it.

The Reward

For those of you that do take the time to comment below with your goal, we promise you two things:

  • We will personally read and respond to every single comment
  • You will be entered into our draw to win a full 12 week package with us, for free

I’m no gambler, but the risk:reward ratio seems like pretty favourable odds to me!

Good luck – we look forward to reading everyone’s responses!


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