Meet the RNT Team

RNT is home to incredibly talented educators and professionals whose sole purpose is to facilitate transformation. We have a unique culture that allows us to do meaningful work everyday that makes a genuine impact.

Learn more about our culture here and explore any career opportunities at RNT here. We are a 100% remote company, and currently have teams across three different time zones.

Akash Vaghela, Founder

Meet Akash

Akash Vaghela launched RNT in May 2017, where his vision is to see a world where everyone experiences the power of a physical body transformation to act as a vehicle for the greater good in their lives. Akash is the author of Transform Your Body Transform Your Life, host of the RNT Fitness Radio podcast and spends most of his days figuring out how to create the best platform to transform. You can read his daily blog here.

Ed Pilkington, Coaching Team Lead

Meet Ed

Ed Pilkington is one of RNT’s Coaching Team Lead, where he heads up a team of  Transformation Coach to deliver on the mission. Having worked in three different countries over the past decade, Ed’s driven by the desire to leave a legacy through our collective impact, and make an industry he nearly quit out of frustration before joining us, a whole lot more credible.

Ivan Gavranic, Coaching Team Lead

Meet Ivan

Ivan Gavranic is one of RNT’s Coaching Team Lead, where he heads up a team of Transformation Coach to deliver on the mission. Based in Australia, Ivan has lived and breathed transformation for over ten years, staying now at sub 6% body fat year round, and continuing to focus on attaining calisthenic and gymnastic skills you only see in the movies!

Justine Capiñanes, Content Manager

Meet Justine

Justine is RNT’s Content Manager whose aim is to help resonate RNT’s mission and message across different digital platforms. He uses his creativity and knowledge in social media in sustaining the company’s identity and digital presence through the creation and dissemination of multimedia contents which includes fitness education, RNTers physical changes and life transformations.

Joan Dellosa, Data Wizard

Meet Joan

Joan Dellosa is RNT’s Data Wizard, who has a mission is to take RNT’s data collection, processes and systems to the next level. With an eye for detail, experience of the RNT Journey and over ten years as a leader in business performance, Joan’s drive comes from facilitating RNT’s mission of using the physical as the vehicle to transform lives.

Cyleena Nieto, Journey Facilitator

Meet Cyleena

Cyleena Nieto is RNT’s Journey Facilitator, who’s aim is to provide present and future RNT members a remarkable service from the start, and all along the journey. Cyleena’s key focus is to deliver RNT’s mission of using the physical as a vehicle by leading clients on the journey to self discovery and improvement. As a mum of two kids, and having had first hand experience of the transformational journey, Cyleena can use this to work with people of all backgrounds and guide them throughout their journey.

Ryan Anderson, Transformation Coach

Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson is a Transformation Coach with sole purpose to educate others on how to apply the practices of physical improvement into a total life transformation. A life long learner, and an avid sports fan, Ryan has always been passionate about implementing tiny habits with extraordinary outcomes, and teaching this to our clients. 

Sanjeeta Halai, Transformation Coach

Meet Sanjeeta

Sanjeeta Halai is a Transformation Coach with a deep rooted passion for helping everyday people achieve their goals by using their physical transformation to excel in all areas of their life. Having turned her life around through the RNT journey, she understands both the challenges and rewards that can be generated by investing your time, efforts and energy in yourself in order to bring about positive lifelong changes.

Robert Brennan, Transformation Coach

Meet Robert

Robert Brennan is a Transformation Coach who’s been involved with RNT since it’s inception, has lived and breathed every aspect of the journey, and now spends his days educating our clients on how to use the physical as the vehicle to transform. Previously, Rob spent 13 years of his career before RNT travelling all around the world as a sound engineer in theatre.