Benjamin Mulamehic

Ben Mulamehic is a body composition specialist based in central London with over 10 years of experience. He has a proven track record of getting results with a variety of clients for various occasions. Ben has coached winning clients in both bodybuilding and fitness modelling contests, helped many people prepare for photoshoots, and consistently helps people who are looking to improve their health and well being.


My journey in the health and fitness industry began as skinny 17 year old who was desperately trying to pack on muscle and build strength. I was 63kg (10 stone) and over the course of 3 years I’d trailed and experimented with just about anything and everything I had learned about training and nutrition. Fast forward 3 years and I’d gained a massive 27kg (4.2 stone) and had gotten significantly stronger in the gym.


Over the last decade I’ve spent time studying at Bath University and have attended countless seminars and courses with the leading coaches in the fitness industry. During this time I also worked at two of the leading body composition gyms in the UK, M10 Fitness and Ultimate Performance.


I’ve refined my craft and carved out a niche that specialises in spectacular body composition results. I love my profession and helping others get the most out of out of themselves.


I’ll help you achieve things you didn’t think were possible.


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