Cyleena Nieto

Cyleena Nieto is RNT’s Journey Facilitator, who’s aim is to provide potential and existing RNT members a remarkable service from the start, and all along the journey. Cyleena’s key focus is to deliver RNT’s mission of using the physical as a vehicle by leading clients on the journey to self discovery and improvement. Having had first hand experience of the transformational journey, Cyleena can use this to work with people of all backgrounds and guide them throughout their journey.


I have over 12 years of combined experience in the corporate and remote setting. Prior to working at RNT, I worked for one of the largest global banking and financial services company for many years, where I learned most of my skills and values in client service and human resource management. I’m a mum of two kids, and I love the fact I can now enjoy my career in the comfort of my home, so I have the flexibility I’ve always wanted to be there for them.


I joined RNT in October 2019 with little knowledge about the fitness industry. Upon starting my own transformation journey it opened my eyes as to how powerful the RNT journey is and how it brings out the best out of people, not only physically but in all areas of life.


Understanding the impact of the RNT Transformational Journey, I am now commited to use my journey and professional experience as a catalyst to help other people take the first step to their journey of self discovery and improvement.