Ed Pilkington

Ed Pilkington is a transformation coach, currently based in Belfast. Ed combines the experience he has accumulated from years of training clients on the gym floor, with his scientific knowledge gained through degrees in Sport Coaching and Strength and Conditioning, to provide his clients with dramatic changes to their bodies and lifestyles.


When I look back, my love for health and fitness was sparked sitting in a rugby clubhouse at the age of 13. I had missed out on selection having just trialed for a rugby academy and was quick to complain about being one of the smallest guys there. My friend’s Dad turned to me and asked, “What you gonna do about it?”. This quickly led to daily push ups and sit ups in my bedroom after school, and multiple sets of Argos adjustable Dumbbells over the subsequent years!


In my early twenties, having qualified as a Personal Trainer alongside studying for a degree in Sport Coaching, I decided to combine the two and undertook a Masters in Strength and Conditioning at The University of Edinburgh.


Following my graduation, I became an accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach and marketed myself towards athletes, viewing general population clients as a way to help pay my bills. However, it was not long until I realised that the impact that I could have on busy, everyday people’s lives was far greater than the impact I could have on an athlete’s performance. Being part of the changes that clients were making on both the inside and out was so rewarding that I started to redirect my focus towards body composition. The next thing I knew I was in Dubai continuing to perfect my craft, albeit in a completely different culture!


Since moving back to the UK I have continued to use changes in body composition as a vehicle to transform my client’s lives from both a physical and mental perspective. I continue to be motivated daily to help others achieve their dream body and lifestyle. I can’t wait to see how your journey unfolds!