Ed Pimley

Ed Pimley is a body transformation coach based in Vancouver, Canada. Born and raised in Perth (Western Australia), Ed has spent the past 13 years working in both countries helping his clients achieve their goals and incredible, life-changing results. Ed works with a variety of clients (athletes, busy parents, City Executives) and believes in educating his clients on the importance of their training, nutrition and mindset. His thirst for knowledge and education has led to him travelling and studying with coaches, mentors and industry leaders all over the world, as he constantly strives to be the best coach possible.


I’ll be honest; I was younger I never thought I would become a personal trainer. I wanted to be a professional surfer. It was my passion but it was also a tool to see just how far I could push myself both physically and mentally. It wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s that the world of body composition came along and really sparked an interest. Of course, health and fitness was always a big part of my upbringing (I played Australian rules football, cricket, soccer and so forth) but there was something about learning how the body worked that really drove me to become a personal trainer.


So that’s how I got here. I spent many years in school earning my certifications and gaining experience which led me further increase my expertise, and so I packed my bags and left for Canada. I’ve been here almost 10 years and worked with hundreds of clients using various methodologies. The approach I like to use isn’t one size fits all; we all have different needs, experiences, starting points and lifestyle. My goal is about pushing you to be your best by challenging you all on aspects of your life.


What can I say, I’m a lucky guy. I still wake up everyday excited to work with my clients and see just how far they’ve come. Watching them achieve their dream physiques but also seeing them change the way they view themselves is the most rewarding part of this job. I wouldn’t change it for anything.