Elliot Hasoon

Elliot Hasoon is a body transformation specialist based in London who’s helped produce results in a wide range of people, with a specific focus on regular people with busy lives. His desire to help his clients achieve the best possible results is the driving force behind his development as a coach and his ability to produce at a high level every day. 


My journey began when I was 15 years old. I was a skinny fat teenager who desired to look like the guys on TV with ‘6 pack abs’ and a V shaped physique. Which quickly lead me to bicep curling shampoo bottles and doing press ups and dips against the bath (!)


Fast forward a few years later and I decided that personal training was going to be the career path I would take. I loved training/nutrition and had a desire to teach early on.


After a few years of personal training, I realised that it wasn’t quite what I thought it was and grew tired of my profession, on a limb I applied for a different type of role in London, and that next year completely changed my life.


I went from being a generic trainer to a body transformation coach. I didn’t realise that my profession gave me the ability to change peoples lives and once I discovered this, I never looked back.


Transformations are my forte. Watching my clients physically and mentally grow through training and nutrition is what motivates me more than anything. There isn’t anything more rewarding than seeing someone achieve their goals right before your eyes.


This is why I’ve spent the last few years of my career predominantly focusing on body composition. The goal traditionally is a physical transformation, but my goal as a coach is to make an impact on my clients life both from a physical and mental perspective.


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