Harps Rabheru

Harps has been in the world of education for over 10 years, and is now a transformation coach who embodies the power of the physical as the vehicle. As a mother of two, she knows the importance of being physically and mentally present for her children while also striving forward in her career – and uses the lessons of the transformation journey to facilitate others to be the best versions of themselves.


Having worked within the education industry for 8 years, I understand the importance of keeping people motivated and focused to achieve their goals.


In 2012, I took a career break, so that I could take time out to raise my children.  After having my second daughter via cesarean section, I was at a loss of how to lose the excess baby fat, and I had tried various ‘quick fix’ cookie cutter programs but to no avail.  My goal was to get physically stronger and prove to myself that I could get lean and get those abs! I also wanted to gain a deeper insight into all things transformation, including nutrition and weight training, so in June 2018 I signed up to do a Diploma in Fitness Instructing and Personal Training alongside signing up with RNT to see if I could achieve my personal goal.


Little did I know how much transforming my body would change my life for life!!! I started off my body transformation with RNT with just wanting to get physically strong but as I went through my journey my ‘why behind my why’ became even more apparent….my two girls!! My daughters were seeing the positive changes I was making in my life and would tell me that I wasn’t allowed to eat chocolate as they would tell my RNT coach! They were fully on board with my body transformation and this spurred me on even more – I wanted to show my girls that whatever they want to achieve in life they could and to not let anyone or anything tell them different. You are your own obstacle!


Seeing the changes both physically and mentally within myself during my transformation really encouraged me to want to put my qualifications to use and start helping others. Receiving positive feedback from clients was elevating as I could see how much I was helping to not only change their physical well-being but also their mental well-being.


Having transformed my life for life with RNT and having helped others, it is an honor to be able to help transform your life for life 🙂


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