Hymsuen Liu

Hymsuen Liu is a transformation coach based in London. His mission is to share his love and passion for training and nutrition, to help inspire clients to use the physical as a vehicle.


Hymsuen has a degree in exercise science, is a qualified MNU nutritionist and Resistance Training Specialist (RTS). In addition he has competed at a national and international level in powerlifting and bodybuilding and has been in the industry for 7+ years.


My mission is to help people achieve something that they have always wanted to achieve. Help them fulfil their true potential and teach them transferable skills into the rest of their life.


Fitness and training has changed my whole life. It has turned me from small, low confidence to the opposite. Changing my physique has brought me confidence but also acceptance in how I feel in my skin and as an individual. It has taught me the ability to drive through hard moments, embrace the grind, determination and a never give up mentality. It has sculpted me to be the person I am today. Something I think everyone should experience in life and I want to help inspire others to do the same.


One of the greatest feelings of being a coach is watching people change throughout their journey, not just through their body but their mindset and actions. Many people say fitness is their passion, but this is truly my life. I have been training for a decade and working its a coach for 7+ years. I’ve used the physical as a way to improve as a coach and learn more to improve my client results. I can’t wait to share this with you.