Inderjeet Rajpal

Indi Rajpal is a body transformation coach currently based in London, who’s been in the industry for over a decade. His background was initially in Strength & Conditioning working with amateur to professional mixed martial arts fighters, as well as general population clients. His passion for helping people realise their full potential was born from the depression he suffered in his younger years. 


My journey started when I was six years old. I had a keen interest in martial arts and made good progress in it, but I was always a fat kid. So when I turned 13, I began lifting and shifted my focus shifted towards powerlifting/strongman training. My all-time best lifts have been a 300kg deadlift, and on the 240kg farmers walk.


Training became a real release for me in my late teens. I was dealing with depression and nothing made me feel so alive as training did. When I turned 19 and pondered what I’d dedicate myself to in my career, coaching was the perfect choice.


The key word above is coaching. Hiring a trainer for me is more than just the training plan and macros. It’s about facilitating people in realising what they’re capable of beyond the gym. This passion has led to me becoming involved in psychology, personal development, and neuroscience from a very young age. It also took me to  studying eastern philosophy, and how our view of the world shapes our reality. I had my limiting beliefs and was a self-sabotage king, but I found balance.


When I was 21 I was given two days to live due to a fractured skull and brain hemorrhage after being hit by a bus. Yes you read that right, a bus! I walked out after three days. At age 26, I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkins lymphoma, and after a year of chemotherapy, I overcame that. That’s when the real journey began. I’d gone from 72kg to 120+kg, which brought my focus completely on body composition. I was able to overcome all the contrasts and obstacles I’ve faced so I’m here to remind you all that you can do the same. If I can do it so can you, and to hear more about my journey check out episode 70 of RNT Fitness Radio podcast!