Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy is a body transformation specialist based in Scotland with over a decade of coaching experience. Achieving a degree in exercise physiology sparked a curiosity of biomechanics that led him down a path of coaching strength sports (powerlifting/Olympic lifting). After having clients medal nationally in both sports he set his sights on the body composition industry. Ever since, Kevin’s speciality has been to work with everyday people living busy lives transform their bodies and improve in all aspects for the better.


My career path initially saw me pursue a degree in Architecture, chasing a blend of creativity and analytical design. Around the time of me doing a work placement it became clear that my passion was more directed to the health and fitness industry.


Pivoting sights, I changed to studying a Sports Science Degree with a focus on exercise physiology. Becoming absorbed with just how malleable the body can be I read everything I could get my hands on across a broad range of subjects. The subject that truly captured my interest though was biomechanics. Not satisfied with just reading about it, I began applying the knowledge through coaching powerlifting, with initial success here I delved into Olympic lifting and again had clients medal on the British platform.


Naturally this led me to dabble in body transformation work which is where I found my true love of coaching, seeing first hand just how dramatic the effects of transforming your body can be. I quickly realised these results aren’t isolated to the gym floor, as I witnessed them positively ripple through client’s entire life.


The clarity and personalisation needed to achieve true transformation level results allows me to satisfy both the creative and analytical sides of my personality, providing job satisfaction from applying the correct strategy at the right time.


This is why I can truthfully say I am as heavily invested in your results as you are.