Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson is a body transformation specialist who has worked in both London and Dubai with a wide variety of clients ranging from City executives, business owners and house wives. His passion for biomechanics initially led Nathan down the path of sports rehabilitation where he worked with various professional rugby teams. Since leaving the strength and conditioning world, Nathan’s sole focus has been on body composition, and achieving the best possible change in his client’s physiques. His relentless focus on learning and improving as a trainer was highlighted when he was named Greater London’s PT of the year in 2016.


Growing up, I sustained a severe knee injury that meant playing any sport was out of the question. Because of my inability to take part in sport, or train in any lower body intensive manner, I developed a keen interest in sport injuries and physiotherapy as a whole. I really wanted to help people, which led to me pursuing a degree in Sports Rehabilitation. Shortly after, I began working within clinics and alongside professional rugby teams as a sport therapist.


During this period, I was also personal training in the City of London, and I quickly found that my true passion lied in body composition. I completely fell in love with the ability to create both physical and mental change in people, and so I dived full time into being a personal trainer.


I love and live this passion daily, and rarely have an off switch. If I’m not coaching clients, I’m learning new methods and strategies to help them progress in the fastest possible manner!


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