Puja Teli

Puja Teli is RNT’s Business Manager with the aim of helping deliver on RNT’s Mission to use the physical as the vehicle to transform lives by getting into the mindset of the Founder. Puja’s key focus is building the business infrastructure and ensuring the business runs smoothly behind the scenes. Having had first hand experience of the transformational journey, Puja can use this as the key driver in ensuring the mission is accomplished. 


At the tail end of 2018, I decided enough was enough and couldn’t continue to be the 76kg mess I had become. I decided to join RNT as a client to be helped in changing habits, identifying the muck and getting into the shape of my life.


It was only correct that when RNT advertised for the role of Business Manager, that I applied to work for the company that has changed my life.


With experience in criminal justice, business, politics, creative industries and global higher education, I am able to bring an objective view to a new sector.


I know first hand the power of the RNT Transformational Journey, and am now committed to help RNT deliver its mission of transforming lives globally.


You can read more of my story here.