Robert Brennan

Robert Brennan is a transformation coach based in Leeds. He’s spent 13 years working behind the scenes in musical theatre which has given him great insight into how to maintain healthy lifestyle habits while working long, unsociable hours, and now lives to facilitate others who live busy lifestyles, have the tools they need to transform.


I’ve been physically active in some form or another for many years, beginning with martial arts in my late teens. I’d always liked the idea of building muscle but I spent many years as the classic guy in the gym program hopping and with no real idea of how to progress.


I had some success but it was only in the last 5 years or so that I got a coach, learned what it meant to push hard and made physical activity (and all elements of the Transformation Checklist) part of my everyday lifestyle.


That led to educating myself about what it takes to transform, with the initial steps leading to gaining two separate qualifications in nutrition, as well as pursuing my Level 3 in Personal Training. This was alongside my day (or rather night) job as a sound technician in musical theatre – my career for 13 years.


Working long hours in a very rewarding but high stress industry, in often difficult circumstances and with incredibly unsocial social hours has been a great educational tool in how to maintain the elements of a healthy lifestyle in any given situation.


As a long term client of RNT (since its creation) I’ve been in an investment phase for the last couple of years, much of it spent out of the country with work, often for months at a time. But I had a plan to “cash in” during 2020, take myself to the extreme, and hold myself accountable with a photoshoot just before my big 4-0 in November. I reached my latest checkpoint whilst being in lockdown, and it forced me to focus even harder, while opening up the Process in ways I didn’t know were possible.



As I hit my peak at the end of June my life transformed in more ways than one. I made the decision to move out of London, my home for 17 years, and head back to Leeds where I grew up.


At the same time I decided to go all in on being a Transformation Coach with RNT. Knowing just how much the physical is the vehicle, I’m excited to help as many people with their own transformational journey as I can, while teaching others how to overcome the barriers that we so often believe stand in the way to achieving our physical and mental goals.