Rushabh Savla

Rushabh is a musculoskeletal physiotherapist based in London specialising in Pain & Performance Medicine. His degree in Physiotherapy, specialist work in Shoulder pain and Shockwave Therapy led him to set up R&D Physio – a group of premier online physiotherapy & wellness clinics in London. His passion for delivering healthcare has taken him across the globe in a mentoring role and is highly regarded in the Physiotherapy world. His goal is simple – to not complicate injury management and get people back to doing what they love.


I have literally been throwing into the world of Physiotherapy. Having had multiple surgeries with playing high level sports & having a passion for breakdancing amongst other extreme sports it was clear I have been passionate about movement. I have worked alongside some of the best minds in the Physiotherapy world and worked in the NHS with Orthopaedic specialists. The specialisation in Shoulder Medicine has been a revelation in how important this particular joint is to daily movement and life. After having bilateral shoulder surgeries I can empathise with anyone suffering from shoulder niggles.


Over the years at R&D Physio, I have successfully helped countless people overcome injuries, understand movement & lead pain free lives. Our approach is simple – we treat the person, not just the symptoms.


Having been part of the RNT Family for nearly two years and undergone a transformation of my own, I understand what works at different phases and the relative risks to injuries that may be presented. My unique insights to the RNT methodology allow me to help clients throughout any issues regarding performance or pain. I am a firm believer in practicing what you preach!