Shaneeta Malik

Shaneeta has been a coach for over 10 years, albeit in a different field, and knows everything about the nuisances in getting clients motivated, organised and achieving their goals. We are proud to announce that she is one of the first RNT Mastermind graduates, where she mastered our proven Seven Faces methodology and approach to online coaching. As a mother of two, she’s an advocate of making life time changes that benefit the family as a whole. You only need to spend a few minutes around Shaneeta to feel her infectious passion and enthusiasm, and her ability to empathise, enable and strategise means she’s able to extract the most from her clients.


Growing up I have always been very active from doing tap and ballet, being in the school netball team, to skiing. But it was always in the background whilst I focused on my academic studies. Qualifying as a Chartered Accountant and working in the City, life was always busy and it was very easy to make excuses for not going to the gym and for having a poor diet.


However, when I lost my dad to cancer it hit me hard and took away my passion for life. I found myself mentally in a dark place and it was only when I hit rock bottom I realised I needed to take control and make a change. So, looking for something to occupy my mind, I started my own body transformation, not knowing that in the end it would be a huge turning point and actually turn to be a life changing transformation.


Since then, I made several changes in my life from embarking on my PT qualification, undertaking the successful RNT Mastermind course, throwing myself in the deep end of all things body composition. This had a knock on effect to my family, and I’m now always looking to learn fun and inventive ways to positively influence my husband and two young boys with their nutrition!


I am a firm believer that it is our responsibility to set the right example for not only the next generation but for everyone around us, and having seen the changes mentally and physically in myself and my two boys, I want to see more people go through the same journey I have been on!


It excites me beyond belief to be able to help others to take control, help overcome any obstacles they may encounter along the way, meet their goals, and wake up everyday knowing they are doing their best for themselves – mentally and physically, as well as for their families!