Tom Richardson

Tom Richardson is RNT’s Communications Manager. With an MA in Journalism and background in PR, Communications and Social Media Management, Tom takes care of all things content. It is his duty to communicate RNT’s mission through the creation of top-quality content and deliver the educational piece of the transformation puzzle to RNT’s clients.


When I was younger, I wanted to either be a writer or an artist. But when my dad told me that artists never made any money until they were dead, a writer it was! I’ve always been a creative individual with a flair for writing and love producing something I can look back on and say, “I did that.” The same can be said for the RNT transformation journey.


My education took me to university where I studied a BA in American Studies, proceeded by an MA in Journalism. I’ve always been a bookworm, interested in intellect, and stick to the philosophy of learning to walk before you can run. Ironically though, that’s exactly what I did: run. As a founding member of my university athletics team, I’d train regularly with the team and look after matters behind the scenes for four of the best years of my life.


Where I was running to however, I had no clue! I wanted to create something meaningful and make a real difference with my writing. Over the years, I have written for several publications and worked in PR and Communications for numerous different sectors, building my portfolio and experience. When the position of Communications Manager came up at RNT, that was it. It married my love of writing and athletics and allows me to create educational materials that are appreciated and can make a real difference to someone’s life.


What I love about RNT is that they share the same philosophy of learning to walk before you can run as education is an essential part of the five-phase transformation journey. It’s part of what builds a strong and stable foundation on which to build a lifelong transformation solution on. The fact that I can be a part of building this foundation with my pen (or laptop per se) as my tool, then that’s work I can truly be proud of.