Happiness At Work Week: Why We Love Our Work At RNT

Happiness At Work Week: Why We Love Our Work At RNT

We should all be happy in our workplace. After all, it’s where we spend the majority of our time.

Creating a healthy work environment is imperative to keep up morale, performance, retention, and mental welfare. Your team are your strongest asset, and if you don’t nurture talent, you’re neglecting your most important component.

So what is it that makes a happy workplace? Great benefits? A company car? A hefty pay packet? A decent pension?

They say money can’t buy you happiness but, as we know at RNT, it’s about the journey not the destination – and if you love your work, you are richer than most.

Passion is purpose, and our purpose is to transform lives.

Happiness Within the Fitness Industry

Anyone who has worked within the fitness industry before will know it’s a dog-eat-dog world.

It’s competitive, the hours are excruciating, and the benefits are minimal (if any at all) at best.

It is estimated that the fitness industry has an astonishing 80% turnover rate, meaning so many talented coaches are leaving the industry every year – now that doesn’t sound like a happy work environment, does it?

So why is job retention so low?

Coaching roles tend to be geared towards the young, male demographic and is simply not accommodating to those with families or wanting to start one. The long working hours combined with the lack of job/financial stability is just not feasible to a working parent, which is probably one of the biggest reasons why so many people leave the industry.

The pressure of working on the gym floor is also a passion killer. Coaches must work competitively to keep their head above water. They are expected to be self-employed and know business, which means more admin, more paperwork and more marketing themselves, taking time away from the physical act of coaching itself and ‘sucking the fun’ out of doing what they love. This can result in that flame will dwindling, or complete burnout.

With these pressures combined and lack of stability, the fitness industry has a shocking 80% turnover rate. This is no career path and is there a wonder that being a coach is not taken seriously? Where is the room to grow? Where is the direction? What is the purpose?

This needs to change.

RNT: Many Reasons to be Happy

RNT Fitness was developed with a new vision for the fitness sector, for both clients and fitness professionals.

Feeling these frustrations, Akash set up RNT to create a safe and stable working environment for fitness professionals. Turning traditional coaching on its head, the RNT structure of collaborative, not competitive, working provides a strong support base for coaches, enabling them to learn from one another, develop as professionals, and have time for family and holidays. While taken for granted in other professional fields, these are the benefits that most fitness professionals are missing out on right now.

This produces better and happier coaches by providing a platform to focus solely on what they love: transforming lives. Taking away the need for coaches to do business and administration by having specific business and data professionals in place, RNT not only creates more jobs, but frees up time for coaches to take on more clients and really thrive in doing what they do best. By having the right skillsets and talent in the right places, RNT is a consistently well-oiled machine.

The digital format of RNT means the team can work remotely. This is ideal for those with children as there is no need for day care and there is no more missing birthdays, sports days or school plays. Parents can be there for their children growing up, never missing a milestone and still do the job they love wherever and whenever.

For coaches in particular, their schedule is no longer dictated by their clients’ diaries – they can set their own times and structure their clients around their own life. And yes, this means weekends off, which is unheard of in the fitness sector!

RNT also eliminates the need for competition. Working as a team creates strength and community. Coaches work together as colleagues, not as competitors. They can feed off one another, bounce ideas and help with any potential issues. Not only great for coach welfare and professional development, but this creates an all-round better service to our clients too.

What’s more, working within a team means that actual holidays (without losing out) are back on the cards!

Coach/Client Chemistry

One thing that is grossly overlooked within the fitness industry is whether clients are the right fit for you. Because the coaching world is very competitive, coaches will often take on any client they can. This doesn’t always work. Sometimes if the chemistry isn’t right between coach and client, it will prove to be an unhappy experience for both parties and could end in disaster.

At RNT, client application forms are taken into great consideration and assigned the most compatible coach. Coaches have different strengths and preferences. Not every coach is an expert in every field. RNT allows coaches to play to their strengths and always deliver a service to the very best of their ability through this careful matching process. Positive relationships stimulate better transformations, making the experience all the more enjoyable for both coach and client.

A Diverse Team

The RNT team is a diverse family, and digital working has combined a variety of different ethnicities, backgrounds, ages and nationalities. Digital working means that the best talent, be they coaches, ex-RNT clients, graduates, working parents etc., can work together to really enhance the transformation journey experience, regardless of where they are in the world. With team members in the UK, Australia, Canada, and the Philippines, RNT is attracting talent from all corners of the globe that share the same amazing ethos, culture and purpose.

On the whole, the fitness industry is a very male-dominated profession. At RNT, there is a healthy balance of male and female team members, both in front and behind the scenes. Everyone should have the opportunity do what they love regardless, and RNT provides that platform.

A Rewarding Career

What’s more rewarding than transforming someone’s life for the better? Whether you are improving someone’s health, building their confidence, boosting their mental health, or helping them through a breakup or bereavement, transforming lives through the power of the physical is an amazing feeling – and our entire team get to facilitate this every day. This creates a great level of purpose and meaning to what we do, and is one of the huge pull factors as to why many of our team members have joined RNT.

In fact, many of our team members have been RNT clients first and foremost and feeling the amazing holistic benefits of the transformation journey, they have joined the RNT team to help others benefit from the journey the way they have, too.

What Our Team Has to Say

Don’t just take out word for it, we asked the team what they love most about working with RNT:

Ed Pilkington, RNT Transformation Coach: “For me it’s the continuous aim to improve as a team, as well as on an individual level.”

Ivan Gavranic, RNT Transformation Coach: “I love working for RNT as it allows me to help people with something I am super passionate about alongside allowing me to live the life I want to live.”

Sanjeeta Halai, RNT Transformation Coach: “I love working at RNT as it gives my life a purpose. I am able to help people be the best versions of themselves using my own experience and knowledge and that makes working here not a job but a meaningful passion. It also allows me to create generational health by ensuring my girls are a part of my work life and they are able to see the benefits of what I do. I love seeing my clients progress and reach their goals and change their lives. Their happiness brings me happiness and to me, that’s priceless.”

Harpreet Rabheru, RNT Transformation Coach: “Being one of the newbies at any new workplace can be quite daunting however I have never felt more welcomed and supported by every single team member at RNT. It’s so great to work with so many like-minded people that share the same passions and thirst for education.”

Adeel Iqbal, RNT Transformation Coach: “I joined Team RNT because I wanted to be a part of a team with a mission which was also my mission – to help others use their physical as a vehicle for transformation.”

Puja Teli, RNT Business Manager: “RNT will always be a special place to work for a client who is transforming. We’re a team of evolution and it’s such a healthy environment to become better human beings. We have a growing culture of being a tight unit, and it’s something you don’t always see when you’re in other industries where it’s hierarchical and internally competitive.”

Cyleena Nieto, RNT Journey Facilitator: “I love working at RNT because of the culture. Everybody is deeply passionate in what they do, the energy is contagious! I also love that it promotes balance between life and work by giving us the flexibility to manage our own schedule.”

Joan Dellosa, RNT Data Wizard: “I love working at RNT because of the flexibility in hours which allows me to do other important things. I am so happy with the support and trust given to me. I feel so valued.”

Tom Richardson, RNT Content Manager: “I love working with RNT because I feel like my work really makes a difference – and that says a lot when you are proud of what you do. The team are all amazing and everyone is always made to feel appreciated. Your wins are always celebrated, ideas are always listened to, and you have a real say in the growth of the company. It’s just that wonderful sense of being and belonging that really makes every day worth it.”

RNT fuses all the best parts of being a facilitator of transformation and having a stable career; something which the fitness industry is currently severely lacking. The RNT team have all joined RNT because of their love for transforming lives. Regardless as to their location, their background, or whether they are parents or not, their time within the industry is not over, and RNT gives them the opportunity to do what they love, and live the life they want to lead.

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