Our Mission

The Physical Is The Vehicle To Transform Your Life

RNT was founded in May 2017 to transform lives, out of a deep sense of frustration with the fitness industry, where there was no real consistency in ‘results’, terrible client service and an abundance of cookie-cutter quick fixes. 

Which is why we set out to create the best online platform available to facilitate regular, busy people to achieve spectacular, life-changing transformation, all while having a remarkable and personalised experience.

Since 2017, our global team has transformed over 2000 lives across 20+ countries around the world. Our vision is to see a world where everyone experiences the power of the physical focus to act as a vehicle for the greater good in their lives.

What allows us to produce the incredible transformation you see all over our website stems from our core values:


Everything we do is about creating maximum impact in the lives of our team and our clients.
We’re obsessed with transformation, and we’re committed to continuously learning, understanding and creating the best coaching practices, content materials and communication methods to facilitate as much life changing impact as possible.


Every day across our coaching conversations and our media channels, we look to serve, build rapport and provide a remarkable service. It’s why we’re so fixated against cookie-cutter programming, and why all of our content online is free (there’s 250+ articles, 150+ podcasts and 250+ videos for you to browse through!). Education is critical. The accumulation of our team’s knowledge came from our experiences, and continuously learning from industry titans, so it’s our duty to pay it forward and give back.

Self Mastery

The RNT transformation journey is one that transcends the physical body change. It’s a journey of self mastery. By conquering the physical being, you develop the self, body and ‘life’ confidence that allows you to fulfill your potential in all areas of life. The physical is the foundation, and it creates the platform and desire to achieve mastery in your mindset, relationships, career and overall health.


Close relationships are non-negotiable for us, whether it’s between us in the team, with our clients, or in our personal lives with our family and friends. It’s why community plays a pivotal role in creating the right environment for you to succeed. Whether it’s our buzzing Facebook group, our team and client parties, our workshops, or our group webinars, we know the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people on similar journeys.


A healthy and productive lifestyle can mean something different to everyone. At RNT, it means living a life in your control that’s in accordance with your core values, while keeping physical and mental health as a high ranking priority. Everything we do starts with looking after our body and mind, which is why we pay close attention to making your transformation journey as seamless with your lifestyle as possible, so we know you can maintain, develop, and build on your results.

Diving Deep Into Our Mission – A Few Words From Our Founder, Akash Vaghela

“When RNT first started, I always thought we were entering the online personal training and body transformation arena. But after thinking about it over the years, and speaking to our clients who are experiencing our work, I’ve realised we’re not just transforming bodies, we’re transforming lives.

The realisation first came to me 6-8 months after starting the company, when I began to receive scores of feedback emails from different clients all across the world who were raving about the benefits and changes they’ve seen since starting with us.

What was interesting was how the focus of their feedback rarely fixed on their physical changes.

It was everything else. It was their mental health, their mindset, their careers and work, their family, their relationships, and so on. A common theme was that the physical process of transforming the body provided the vehicle to make the necessary changes in other areas of life.

Reflecting back, this makes complete sense, and I’ve experienced this in my own self over the past decade too. If you can master your physical being, you’ll have the confidence and courage to master any domain in your life. You’ll have the inward focus, and the positive habits in place to push forward in any area you want to improve in.

That’s why I believe everyone should experience the life changing journey we’re able to facilitate, because I know how powerful improving and transforming your body can be in your life. The habits, structure and discipline it instils into you can set you up for success in anything you do. So I now know it’s become my duty to spread the work of RNT to as many people as possible around the world.”

How We Deliver Our Mission

In order to use the physical as a vehicle to transform your life, you have to go through a journey. The RNT Transformation Journey consists of Five Phases that everyone will experience and embrace:

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The RNT Team

RNT is home to incredibly talented educators and professionals whose sole purpose is to facilitate transformation. We have a unique culture that allows us to do meaningful work everyday that makes a genuine impact.

Join Us In Our Mission

Our vision is to see a world where everyone experiences the power of the physical focus to act as a vehicle for the greater good in their lives.

If you’re interested in transforming the world with us, learn more about our career opportunities at RNT here.

Transform Your Body Transform Your Life


RNT’s Founder Akash Vaghela wrote Transform Your Body Transform Your Life to show the truth of transformation, and put an end to quick fixes, yo-yo’ing and the diet culture our industry is defined by. 

You can watch the trailer, download the first chapter, and get access to some exclusive bonuses on the official book web page…

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