Who Are We?

Adam Hayley

Adam Hayley is the co-founder of RNT Fitness, with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. He’s worked with an array of clients including CEO’s of large corporations such as Costa Coffee as well as competitive athletes. Adam’s strong passion for nutrition and supplementation has led to a successful track record of 1st first place finishes in bodybuilding, physique and bikini classes. His own accomplishments include winning overalls in bodybuilding and powerlifting competitions.

I was always extremely active when I was younger, participating in sports such as boxing, rugby and football.


However, at 15 I had both legs surgically broken, parts of my own bone replaced with ‘fake’ bone and then pinned and plated together. Immediately following the operation, I was in a wheelchair for 8 weeks and unable to walk.


Once I’d endured the 8 weeks and was given the all clear to start walking again I realised just how much muscle and strength I’d lost all over my body. My clothes hung off me, I was walking like Bambi and I was miserable.


I decided to start reading about the fastest ways of growing muscle tissue, covering all facets of training, nutrition and supplementation. I was hooked!


Learning about how certain amino acids can trigger specific processes in the body, how placing carbohydrates at different times of the day would lead to the body to utilising them differently – I couldn’t get enough of it!


Fast forward to now and I’ve worked and consulted with many top coaches in the industry. These include supplement formulators and PhD’s of nutrition, so it’s safe to say I’ve learnt a tonne consulting with these. I’ve worked in small intimate gyms, large Olympic-standard gyms and most recently one of the most world renowned exclusive personal training companies (delivering seminars on behalf of them in UK & Asia, and holding Senior Trainer status).


I believe what gives me an edge over other trainers within the industry, is that not only do I continually read textbooks, pay for Skype consults and attend seminars to further my education, but I practice what I preach.


I know what it’s like to have those food cravings, I know what it’s like when the scale isn’t going in the right direction. When things aren’t going to plan (we’re dealing with the human body after-all) I’m able to draw upon my personal experiences to make the changes needed to steer things back on track and still get that jaw-dropping transformation within the planned timeframe.


Thanks to all of the above, I’ve honed my skillset to be able to assess client body types and personalities very quickly – allowing me to fast track my clients to the results they both seek and deserve.

Akash Vaghela

Akash Vaghela is the co-founder of RNT Fitness. He specialises in transforming the bodies of City executives, CEOs, actors, physique athletes and regular people who want to be in the best shape of their lives. Akash has written for T-Nation, Elite FTS, Flex Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, MensXP, the Square Mile, Muscle Monsters and Ultimate Performance. He blends scientific knowledge, evidenced by his 1st class Sport Science degree from the University of Birmingham, with the practical experience of successfully competing in both powerlifting and bodybuilding, to generate maximum results in minimum time for his clients.

My own journey in health and fitness began as a skinny fat 17 year old weighing 58kg, who first stepped into the gym with his friends in the hope of filling out his t-shirt and building more confidence. This challenge sparked something inside that led me to abandon my initial pursuit of a career in law, and focus entirely on becoming the best possible personal trainer.


Over the years, I became obsessed with learning how to build muscle (gaining 30 kilos in the process!), gain strength and lose body fat.


I attended countless seminars, hired coaches and mentors, read 100s of books and spent hours and hours in the gym with clients and myself in search of what works and what doesn’t.


This learning process was solidified with four years spent working as a senior personal trainer, mentor and writer for Ultimate Performance. During this time I also delivered body composition seminars to other personal trainers in London, Manchester and Hong Kong, as well as placing top two (out of 125) in the company in both 2015 and 2016 for the most transformations.


I’ve always been of the belief that if you want to take your clients to the extreme, you need to know what the extreme is yourself.


Which is why I love competing in bodybuilding, where you’re pushing your body to the extremes of body composition. Whether it be fat loss or muscle growth.


I used to be like many of you, paralysed by the information overload that’s constant in the fitness industry. For years I made zero progress. If you ask any of my closest friends, they’ll tell you all the fads I’ve tried and all the hours of overthinking I’ve subjected myself to over the years.


This is one of the reasons we’ve created RNT. Our aim with RNT is to provide a one-stop place where you can learn how to maximise your results in the minimum amount of time, whilst educating you to enable long-term progression.


No more overthinking, no more confusion. We want you to learn from our mistakes and experiences. No fluff or fads. Only valuable advice that works in the real world, with normal, non-genetically gifted people, just like you and I.

Benjamin Mulamehic

Ben Mulamehic is a body composition specialist based in central London with over 10 years of experience. He has a proven track record of getting results with a variety of clients for various occasions. Ben has coached winning clients in both bodybuilding and fitness modelling contests, helped many people prepare for photoshoots, and consistently helps people who are looking to improve their health and well being.

My journey in the health and fitness industry began as skinny 17 year old who was desperately trying to pack on muscle and build strength. I was 63kg (10 stone) and over the course of 3 years I’d trailed and experimented with just about anything and everything I had learned about training and nutrition. Fast forward 3 years and I’d gained a massive 27kg (4.2 stone) and had gotten significantly stronger in the gym.


Over the last decade I’ve spent time studying at Bath University and have attended countless seminars and courses with the leading coaches in the fitness industry. During this time I also worked at two of the leading body composition gyms in the UK, M10 Fitness and Ultimate Performance.


I’ve refined my craft and carved out a niche that specialises in spectacular body composition results. I love my profession and helping others get the most out of out of themselves.


I’ll help you achieve things you didn’t think were possible.

Nathan Johnson

Nathan Johnson is a body transformation specialist who has worked in both London and Dubai with a wide variety of clients ranging from City executives, business owners and house wives. His passion for biomechanics initially led Nathan down the path of sports rehabilitation where he worked with various professional rugby teams. Since leaving the strength and conditioning world, Nathan’s sole focus has been on body composition, and achieving the best possible change in his client’s physiques. His relentless focus on learning and improving as a trainer was highlighted when he was named Greater London’s PT of the year in 2016.

Growing up, I sustained a severe knee injury that meant playing any sport was out of the question. Because of my inability to take part in sport, or train in any lower body intensive manner, I developed a keen interest in sport injuries and physiotherapy as a whole. I really wanted to help people, which led to me pursuing a degree in Sports Rehabilitation. Shortly after, I began working within clinics and alongside professional rugby teams as a sport therapist.


During this period, I was also personal training in the City of London, and I quickly found that my true passion lied in body composition. I completely fell in love with the ability to create both physical and mental change in people, and so I dived full time into being a personal trainer.


I love and live this passion daily, and rarely have an off switch. If I’m not coaching clients, I’m learning new methods and strategies to help them progress in the fastest possible manner!

Kunal Makwana

Kunal Makwana is a body transformation specialist based in London with a track record of helping real people with real lives achieve outstanding results. His passion for psychology and learning the mindset behind attaining excellence has been a strong contributor for his rapid growth in both his personal and professional career.

My journey started when I was 16 years old. As a chubby kid, I quickly became interested in health and fitness in order to change how I look and feel while building my confidence. During this process, I experimented with different training styles and crazy diet fads, but I was constantly frustrated with the lack of results given the effort I was putting in.


This led me to study Sport and Exercise Science & Psychology at University, where I gained insight into the vast number of scientifically proven ways the body can be manipulated for a positive result. I began to apply this knowledge, and after months of hard work, I finally got the abs I’ve always wanted!


After achieving great results with myself, I began to develop a real passion for helping others also experience the power of body transformation. The fulfilment and joy I get from seeing people’s health and well-being improve through physique improvement is second to none, and I can’t wait to help you on your own journey.