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After years of bad food choices and being somewhat sedentary (aside from the odd 5-aside football match) I was recommended Adam through a mutual friend. Within 16 weeks I went from having never lifted a weight to being approached by others for fitness related advice!


Since achieving this transformation, I’ve been bitten by the bug so much that I’ve become a fitness model photographer myself!


I came to Adam with one competitive season under my belt already. I’d used previous coaches but was looking for that little extra detail and knowledge I’d heard that Adam would be able provide.


It was definitely the best decision I could have made – in our first show working together, we managed to get an invite to prestigious UKBFF British Finals! We’re now in our second year of working together and on track for some huge improvements.


Coming from a family with a huge sporting background, I was always the odd one out and often labelled as ‘lazy’ or ‘un-sporty’. Although this was meant in a joking manner, it still took its toll mentally.


Secretly I’d always admired the ‘bikini competitor’ look but never thought it was possible, until a colleague mentioned she was training with ‘Adam Hayley’. After a quick search online, I came across some of his results and decided to bite the bullet and get in touch.


He literally took someone that – aside from using the fitness suite at school – had never even stepped foot inside a gym, to someone confident enough to train in the free-weights area at peak times, as well as stepping on stage to show off the hard work that we’d both put in.


I’ve been working with Akash for 3 years. During that time not only has my physique improved significantly. But as a trainer myself, I’ve gained some extremely valuable knowledge. Knowledge I wouldn’t get anywhere else apart from having such a great mentor/coach as Akash.


This year I decided it was time to take it to the next level and commit to a photoshoot. Akash has always said he believes that trainers should get extremely lean at least once, and for the experience, that’s exactly what I did.


I have always had complete faith in Akash to lead me to the condition I needed. Without fail, Akash delivered. Creating my training and nutrition based on my preference, lifestyle, and his own successful experiences.


Checking in with me all the way till the very last day, and then being present at the photoshoot itself screams volumes of the kind of coach he is.


I wouldn’t be where I am today without his guidance. In health and business.


I look forward to continuing under the guidance of Akash.


Months into starting my own business, I realised between the late nights, the poor quality food and the high stress, I was starting to look weak and ‘skinny fat’.


I reached out to Akash, and over the course of the next few months I couldn’t believe how quickly I transformed my body.


I first contacted Akash to get into shape for an upcoming holiday, and within 8 weeks I’d reached my goal of 6 pack abs on the beach.


His level of service impressed me so much that I’ve continued to train with Akash long past the holiday, focusing on different goals such as gaining muscle and strength development.


I’d recommend Akash to anyone looking to improve his or her physiques in the most efficient manner possible.


After fracturing my foot over the summer I spent the weeks recovering eating, drinking and being generally inactive and soon piled on the weight. I was not in great shape and I decided I needed to take action so set myself a challenge to get into the best shape ever. My previous attempts at getting fit using home DVDs were just not working. That’s when I came across RNT Fitness and after reading up and contacting them I decided to sign up! It was the best decision!


Akash devised an extremely detailed workout plan which included everything I needed to achieve my goal. One of the best things about this program was the constant communication Akash kept with me. Not only did he answer all my questions but he was always touching base, giving me lots of motivation and support. His passion, commitment and dedication to his clients is clear, he wants the results as much as them if not more!


Overall it has been an incredible experience. I have gone beyond what I had hoped for and achieved what I felt was impossible. It has definitely been a challenge juggling family life and work but by being organised and making a some changes it is possible. At 43 years of age let’s call it my midlife crisis and I aim to keep going.


I originally started working with Adam late last year when I decide that I wanted to take my fitness to a new level and compete in a physique competition. He was very highly recommended and after meeting with him it was apparent that his knowledge was second to none. This made the decision extremely easy and I knew that Adam was the person I wanted to coach me.


We first started out with a bulking phase of training for several months to try and gain a decent amount of size ready for the start of competition prep. During this phase we focused on little goals and progressive overload, while making sure with the weekly check-ins that my nutrition was supporting my progress in the gym. This was extremely effective and I managed to reach a new highest body weight, numerous PB’s in training all while maintaining a moderate condition.


Going into prep for competition after a successful bulk I was very confident in what we could achieve and put my total trust in Adam. This made the process very easy as he was very hands on and took away all the guess work. This made it easier to follow/stick to and the results were speaking for themselves. Then as we came closer to the show Adam’s service went above and beyond expectation. We shortened the check in period to daily check ins every morning. He provided me with his personal phone number so we could speed up communication. During the final weeks Adam completed a daily analysis on my condition and weight, making adjustments to ensure that I peaked for my show.


On show day we had multiple check ins throughout the morning before meeting Adam himself at the show. Being my first show and also first time on stage, him being there in person managed to ease my nerves and boost my confidence. I was very happy with the outcome on the day and proud of what we had achieved.


I couldn’t thank Adam enough for all his hard work and showing that he genuinely cared about me as a client. I have since continued training with Adam and will continue to highly recommend him and RNT as a whole to anyone that is interested in changing their physique. Ultimately, Adam is someone who cares about his clients and doesn’t just think of the money.


Like most guys in their late 30s working in the City, I was stuck in a rut, completely sedentary, working too many hours and spending too many nights in pubs & bars around London. I was 38 with the energy of a 78 year old, and sporting a waist that was expanding past all my belt buckles.


After a very close bereavement in the family, it suddenly brought it home to me – I needed to make a change. For months I spun my wheels on cookie cutter diets and training plans with no real idea of what I was doing. I lost some weight, but I quickly failed, fell off the wagon and slipped back into old habits.


With the Big ‘Four 0’ quickly approaching, I reached out to Akash. The journey wasn’t easy by any means. I thought I could wing it with pre-cooked meals, skipped sessions and the odd beer. How wrong I was! I told Akash I wanted a ‘champion’s physique’ on my 40th birthday, so the excuses had to stop.


We set a goal of booking a photoshoot for my 40th birthday – which was now 5-6 months away. Talk about accountability! From here on, the results I achieved blew past my expectations. Life changing is a phrase thrown around all the time, but when you lose 30kg, go from wearing ‘stretchy’ 36-inch to 28-inch trousers, and sport a better body than most 20-somethings, it really is.


If you’re looking to get results, look no further than RNT. I can’t recommend them enough.


So having been persuaded by my husband to embark on a fitness program with RNT (couples that train together stay together lol!) I must admit I’ve been blown away at how much you can really achieve with the right coaching and guidance. My goals were to get fitter, stronger and leaner and I definitely feel Akash has helped me achieve all those things and more. I have gone beyond what I hoped and achieved what I felt was impossible (e.g. toned abs after having children!).


The journey hasn’t been easy by any means – it’s taken dedication, a lot of organisation and hard work but it’s definitely been worth it. It’s been tough juggling family life, work, socials etc but by being organised and making some lifestyle changes (e.g. getting up at 6am to fit in a workout before the kids get up or walking to work to get my steps in), I’ve been able to stay consistent and stick to the program as much as possible.


I’m hoping to continue the RNT journey, to get even fitter and stronger and be in the best shape of my life when I hit the big 4-0 in a few months!


If you’re looking to improve your physique and get results, look no further than RNT. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”


I approached Adam after noticing him train at Underground Gym one Sunday. I was at a complete HALT with my prep 5 weeks out from my first show.


Deflated, tired, weak and not getting on with my current diet and set up. I had heard GREAT things about Adam through friends and people within the fitness industry and actually felt fairly flattered when he agreed to work with me.


I was ready to give everything to whatever Adam told me to do. We worked together daily via whatsapp and walked away with a second place finish and an invite to British Finals.


I say ‘we’ because there is NO way I would of got the result I did without Adam. I remember standing on that stage just wanting to make my coach proud. He’s become a consistent person in my life now, seeing me into my off season and credit where its due I’m a 23 year old girl that asks 10,000 questions and never leaves the poor guy alone! Physically and mentally Adam has supported me in every way required and I can safely say I will be working with him for as long as he will have me.


I’ve always been into fitness and training, but never quite nailed the look I’d always envisioned for myself.


I’d tried lots of different diets and training protocols over the years, perhaps ‘paralysis by analysis’ would be a good diagnosis. Always following the latest fad/gimmick but never quite seeing it through.


After following some of Adams posts on bodybuilding forums, I kept thinking ‘this guy knows his sh*t – and manages to explain it so simply’. I dropped Adam a private message and enquired about online coaching with him. Within 24 hours I had my complete diet, training, cardio and supplementation plans – along with a full explanation as to the why of he had prescribed everything.


12 weeks later and I hope you’ll agree from the photo – I finally ‘nailed that look’.


I knew Adam in person from training at the same gym as him. I was naturally skinny, and would pick Adams brains on how to add muscle effectively, in return I set him up his first website, and would always offer any IT support advice.


This relationship worked really well until last year when I decided I was now at a level of muscle/size that I was happy with. What I wanted now was to officially hire Adam as my coach and to prep me for a photoshoot and physique competition.


We achieved both, including managing to get into the final call-outs at my first ever competition. Throughout the process and on show day, he was there every step of the way, making small adjustments based on my feedback as well as how I was looking. I’d heard horror stories from first time competitors, so thankful I chose someone with experience to guide me as smoothly and stress free as possible.


I’ve known Akash for 21 years. I may be biased as I write this, but you will not find anyone as passionate about fitness as him. So I knew when I approached him back in April, he’d be hungry for this challenge.


At the outset, I want to stress that I’m very much like your ordinary gym-goer. I’m not blessed with the genetic make up of a sprinter or a gymnast, but what I do have is the desire, self-belief and mental focus to commit to a body transformation.


Using Akash as a coach makes the process very easy. I could email him at any time and I knew he’d respond within a few minutes. If there was an issue, he’d solve it. He had every base covered. If I needed advice, he’d call or Whatsapp me immediately. Truth is, he’s more than a coach.


At the end of the journey, Akash was probably more happy at what we achieved than I was. That sums him up – he lives through his clients, and genuinely cares about what you accomplish together.


What can I say? I swear this guy knows more than google! Adam has made both my competition and photoshoot preps so enjoyable – whilst achieving amazing results.


Not only has he taken me to three top 3 finishes at competitions, he’s also ensured I was in great shape for my marketing photos.


The biggest difference between Adam compared to other coaches I’ve come across is that he cares about your well-being as well as how you look. He wanted to know things such as; what my bathroom regularity was like, when my menstrual cycle was due and even whether I was flavouring my foods and getting enough sodium in! On top of this he took time out to call me and offer advice when I mentioned during a check-in that I woke up with a headache and didn’t feel great.


The help didn’t just stop at the competition, he advised me on how to successfully transition out of the dieting process so that I avoided the common rapid weight gain post show.


Hiring Adam was one of the best decisions I made.


I’d seen some of his posts and advice online and needed someone to give me a ‘kickstart’ to fuel my motivation for the weight loss journey ahead. Not only did working with him achieve that, it even inspired me to take what he’d taught me and to start designing my own training and diet plans. What I got from Adam wasn’t just some generic copy and paste work, I got an education.


As a bodybuilding competitor, I find the toughest part of the year is maintaining a strict regime and continuing to make the progress needed in between shows and not just the lead up into them.

For the last two years I’ve always turned to Adam for help at this stage to keep my approach fresh. His meal planning and knowledge of nutrition, micro/macro-nutrients and digestion is insanely helpful. He always revamps my diet and gets me hungry and craving my meals instead of chewing through the same boring things day in day out.


This year I decided to take him on as my coach for the actual contest diet and peaking into the show, too. The look we achieved is without doubt my best to date –  the leanest and fullest I’ve been on show day so far!

I can honestly say the improvements I make between shows is largely helped by Adams advice and constant attention to detail. He’s always eager and happy to help, a pleasure to deal with and I recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone who asks.


I got in touch with Adam when I had tried and failed to get back into shape. I have always lifted weights, but the nutrition side was letting me down. I was also getting frustrated with years of reading and following magazine and internet advice and suggestions, so I made the decision.


Turns out to be the best decision I ever made! He kept things simple, but everything I did was backed up by science or his extensive experience. Within weeks, I was looking leaner and getting stronger. All diets and training was properly structured and any queries were answered within a day. The weekly check ins helped us see what was working and what wasn’t which was so important.


After a few months we decided to do a photoshoot to really focus on some goals, and needless to say all his help, guidance and support finally helped me achieve the body I always dreamt of. I have dropped a total of 20kg from when I started to the shoot, I also got stronger.


Now training with Adam and RNT has become a way of life for me. A change for the better wish I had contacted him sooner.


My initial goal was to lose weight and tone up for summer and to be bikini ready for my girls holiday in Marbella! I did my research on local Personal Trainers and Adam Hayley’s name kept cropping up as a local competition winning bodybuilder and trainer.


From the beginning, he set me up with a nutrition plan and we started training 2-3 times a week to help me learn exercise technique as well as how my body responds to certain diet set-ups.


What made things so much easier and trusting is that no matter what time of the day, I was always able to message Adam to get any questions answered on whether I was training correctly in the gym or buying the right food in the supermarket.


His ability to be there for a client outside of the gym is the difference for me between a standard trainer and a top coach!!


Adam will get you to surpass your goals, so long as you put the work in. Why waste your time with anyone else?!


I always wanted to look like an action hero from the 90s. I thought if I was to spend hours in the gym and eat it would happen as if by magic.


It was after 3 years of time wasting that I finally turned to Akash for help. It was difficult to find time for training and eating right during medical school and even harder still being a qualified doctor – but Akash’s programmes get the most out of the precious time you spend training and his meal plans are very easy to prepare and follow.


Now I am finally looking more and more like the man I want to be and I feel I owe a lot to the advice and help of Akash.


At first I was a quite nervous moving back to online training as I’d had bad experiences in the past: cookie cutter programs, bad response times and a general lack of empathy / care from the trainer.


The results at RNT speak for themselves, but what I think was great about Akash was when things got tough. For me, anyone can train natural genetics and just keep reducing calories as everything goes according to plan. But the real test is when things don’t go to plan. My progress stalled several times, seemingly for no reason, and Akash patiently adjusted, tested and re-focused to get us back on track.


Cookie cutter programs wouldn’t be able to adjust in these situations – but RNT’s approach, based on science and client experience, really shines here. Importantly, it’s called coaching for a reason. By following Akash’s consistent online tuition, I’ve learned how to motivate and regulate myself. This has given me the tools to make smarter decisions both in the gym and the kitchen to help maintain the progress I’ve made. I’d thoroughly recommend the RNT experience to anyone.


Akash provided a professional service with effective meal plans to follow throughout my time working with him. He always gave excellent guidance on my lifting techniques as well as lifelong knowledge of how to maintain a healthy body.


Whenever I had any questions, he was very responsive and would respond to emails within the hour. Akash’ positive attitude kept me motivated during my 12 week program and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get in shape.


I lost a total of 39lbs and even did a photoshoot to mark my achievement and keep me focused throughout!


I started working with Akash around 8 weeks ago with the intention of becoming as lean as possible for an upcoming holiday. Seeing the shape Akash is in and knowing he definitely practiced what he preaches gave me confidence to sign up with him.


He created a bespoke plan for me consisting of weights and cardio training, nutrition and supplementation; the level of detail was far beyond what I expected and his instructions for training and checking in meant I knew this would be a very thorough 8 weeks of training.


As I started the programme, Akash was always available for any questions I had (and I had a lot!) and offered support and guidance when sending my training logs and especially when he saw my training videos, where he ensured form was at the forefront of the training. I can definitely say this has been the biggest positive improvement through his guidance.


Having now finished the programme, the results speak volumes, I have lost a considerable amount of weight and body fat, have improved form on my key exercises and definitely hit my goal of looking in shape for my holiday.


Training with Akash has been incredible though I must stress it is not easy and requires you to be fully dedicated to all aspects of the programme from the training, diet and being mentally positive. In those moments you are lacking motivation, Akash is great to speak to as he puts you back on track instantly.


To summarise I was a little nervous around the whole online coaching, but with Akash and the resources available from RNT Fitness I can say it was excellent and if you are serious about getting in shape, whether it is to get lean or bulk up I can’t recommend Akash and RNT Fitness enough. I look forward to continuing my training with him, and hitting new goals!


I came to Akash having seen his own transformation. Not only had he managed to grow and transform his own body as a trainer but the results of his other clients and friends of mine, who I would consider similar to myself, were incredible.


Akash designed a workout plan around my previous training schedule and experience. He also set out my daily macros and provided an example menu to follow, however I was able to adapt and adjust this using the RNT macro tracker. Before I even started the programme Akash ensured I understood the diet, workout and what was expected of me.


At the end of this programme I have seen a significant change in my physique and could not be happier. I have dropped 24lbs but have clearly increased my strength and muscle mass.


I attribute the results I’ve achieved with RNT and Akash to two factors: accountability and consistency. However, I believe that accountability played the biggest part as that’s what ensured I was consistent week in week out. As simple as it may sound, being consistent with both diet and exercise will produce results, however, it takes a level of knowledge to utilise these effectively. Akash and Adam clearly both have that knowledge which is why they can produce the results they do with all of their clients. There were times throughout this process where I might not have seen changes in my physique, which would normally demotivate me but Akash would always be able to point out subtle changes that can only be noticed with experience.


Both Akash and Adam at RNT have created a community which not only focuses on training and getting results but also on education and developing their clients understanding and knowledge. By no means would I consider myself an expert but I have greatly increased my understanding of diet and training to reach targets, which I am able to utilise in the future.


I cannot recommend Akash and RNT enough. Their results speak enough about their capability and experience but more so than that I have not come across any clients who have something negative to say about them. It goes without saying that a level of honesty and dedication is required to achieve results, but if you’re willing to put in the time and effort then they will get you the results you want.


I initially came to Adam 5 weeks out from my first UKBFF Bikini show after seeing his transformations via social media.


What then sealed the deal to work with him was the feedback I received from his current clients. I have worked under 2-3 other coaches previously, so have experienced the various approaches each coach has first hand. This has allowed me to fully appreciate all of the hard work Adam puts into his clients and how much more he gives when compared to others in his industry.


We started putting plans together within 24 hours of me reaching out to Adam. I needed a fast turnaround due to being 5 weeks out and very far from ‘stage ready’!


Throughout my entire prep, I was willing to push and work harder than ever, but struggled to find a coach that matched my efforts and believed in me. Moving to RNT Fitness has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and the results speak louder then words!


What I have really loved about RNT is that while Adam is my direct coach, I also have the support of Akash as well as the other clients. It’s a ‘team’ effort. The support system, coupled with their knowledge is unrivalled. This isn’t just a cookie cutter plan, this is a fully thought out plan with full explanations of why this plan has been set for you! So not only am I in the best shape that I’ve been in – I’ve also learnt so much in the process!


There is no messing about with Adam. He wants more than just a transformation picture. He cares about your wellbeing, gives unconditional support and educates you throuhgout. If you’re ready to work HARD then he’s the coach for you!


After having struggled with weight gain and building muscle for years (being a strict vegetarian) I decided to seek some professional help.


My brother was already using Akash and recommended him to me after his recent success. Initially I was sceptical as I felt an online coach could only take me so far.


Akash has sorted my diet out so that I am now eating the correct amounts of proteins, carbs and fats to fuel the muscle building/fat loss and achieve my ideal physique.


He is understanding, calm and very knowledgeable – but doesn’t feel compelled to throw all that knowledge at you unnecessarily.


So far I am thoroughly enjoying the journey – have started making some REAL progress that my friends and family are starting to notice too (which always helps!). So much so that I have signed up some of my family too.


Akash has been a trainer to rely on for me, and with his help, I look forward to achieving my goals in the very near future.


Three years ago I started on a journey that I had no idea as to where it would take me. I was born with scoliosis, and I have compounded the problem throughout my life to include multiple disc tears and herniations. Just getting out of bed in the morning was a painful chore. I had little drive and high anxiety. At this point I knew that something had to be done. So I joined a gym and bought a workout book.


I went through the exercises thinking I knew what I was doing. I saw some strength gains, but quickly plateaued. I didn’t have a clue about nutrition, nor was I in touch with my body. I had failed, something that I was not used to. I thought I had a plan. At this point, I knew I needed some help. So I enlisted the help of Akash Vaghela.


Little did I know how much I was about to be pushed. How much I was about to learn about myself, my body, and my overall health. My workouts were tailored to me and I could see my posture, range of motion and strength increasing (I’ve done up to 110lbs chin ups for 8 reps!). I was able to find my happy place in the gym, leaving all the problems there on the floor. Changes in my body and attitude were occurring in a very positive way. My mindset became clear again and I was very focused. Friends and family could spot it very quickly, and I was well on my way to a new addiction. An addiction that is healthy and I maintain each week: to be better than the week before, mentally and physically. If you want to transform, you need to contact RNT.


As a coach myself, I’ve always known the importance of trust during the coaching process. If the client doesn’t have complete trust in the process then you are fighting an uphill battle from day one. So when I made the decision in early 2017 to compete in a physique competition I knew I’d need to engage a new coach and there was one person who immediately came to mind and that was Akash Vaghela.


The reasons for this was that having worked alongside him and followed his career, I knew the body of work he had produced and was aware of his experience. I also knew the type of person he was and how he approached his own training. Akash is an all in type of human much like myself and I knew that he’d been to those dark places during his own prep so would know best how to keep me from driving myself crazy when I got to that stage.


Having a coach for me is also about objectivity, so whoever I brought in had to be someone I could rely on to shoot straight from the hip. I knew that if I was behind schedule Akash would tell me and if he made a complimentary remark I’d 100% know that I was on point.


Akash would also occasionally bring Adam into the process to consult on all things nutrition and supplementation so it felt like I had a support team and not just a coach. He even introduced me to a phenomenal posing coach to ensure I was able to display my physique in the best possible light when I was on stage.


In the final weeks and hours of both show preps, Akash was pretty much in contact 24/7. Continuously on hand to make adjustments and always providing reassurance during the peaking process. He also made a point to be there to support me at the show which was very much appreciated.


Also living in Crawley, I’d heard from various members around the local area that Adam was the ‘go-to’ trainer.


After a brief meeting in person, he set some plans up taking my kids and lifestyle into consideration. Although still a work in progress visually, from a health standpoint my blood pressure, cholesterol and liver values have all improved dramatically.


This time round we’ve decided to switch things up and I’m currently working with Adams colleague, Akash. He’s just as detail oriented and is meticulous in both his training and nutritional plans. I can’t recommend either of these highly enough!


A few months of traveling while building my online business involved poor food choices and losing structure with my training and diet, on top of that a few injuries along the way – partly from that lack of structure – were keeping me from enjoying my training and get the best out of it. My body wasn´t happy with it, neither was I.


After a couple months of getting back into a proper training structure I realised if I wanted to maximize my efforts, I needed to plan my nutrition accordingly. I knew that I needed a clear goal (with a deadline) and someone to help me achieve it, and couldn´t think of anyone better than Akash for this.


There are a few reasons why I chose Akash, such as his proven record of results with people looking for a similar outcome than what I had in mind. The fact that he has done it himself. And on top of this what I really liked about his coaching is that he makes it simple by focusing on what is practical for you, your lifestyle, your habits and your tastebuds. It doesn´t matter how good a plan is if you can´t follow it, you need a plan that will work for YOU. Akash knows how to plan and adjust so you can follow the plan. He actually made it easy for me to follow!


Did we achieve our goal? Well.. the goal was to lose fat while looking “full” for a shoot and the deadline was 8 weeks. By the end of it the results were even better than I could´ve asked for, not only we kept my muscle mass intact but I even looked bigger than before, and was considerably leaner!