10 Tips To Improve Digestion And Meal Hygiene

10 Tips To Improve Digestion And Meal Hygiene

If you aren't sure what meal hygiene means, you need to read this.

29 Sep 2019

Nutrition Beginner
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What is your meal hygiene score?

Meal hygiene is something you’ve likely never paid attention to in the past. It’s not spoken about, and it’s so engrained into our daily habits we don’t even think about it. It’s something you develop as a child and never tune into later. In an increasing fast and digital world, it’s a topic that needs special attention to help maintain self awareness, mindfulness and a healthy relationship around food.

Poor meal hygiene can highlight the psychological and physiological problems you’ll feel during The Consolidation Phase (and beyond), and make them all worse. Poor meal hygiene will come to light in your inability to control yourself around food in new environments (social, work, etc.). All the ingrained habits you’ve spent decades automating will lead you astray here as they feed the body’s desire for ‘fast’ food.

The good news is that below we’re going to give you our RNT Meal Hygiene Checklist. Of the ten commandments of good meal hygiene, think about how many you can tick off and where you’re lacking; for your next meal, pick one missing tip, implement it and notice how you feel.

I’d expect a more satiating and enjoyable meal, a heightened taste experience, and if you’ve got company, more engaging conversation and connection.⁣
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