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I’m Akash, founder of RNT Fitness

If you’re looking to transform your body and life forever, you’ve come to the right place. I’m on a mission to create the best programme for busy, time-strapped men and women just like you achieve life-changing results in your fitness journey. So sit back, get comfortable, and get ready to learn, grow and transform!

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RNT Transformation Programme

Feel, look and perform at your best

Go through our unique and proven five-phase methodology to get into the shape of your life, for life.

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No more quick fixes or terrifying diets. Keep your dream body permanently by finding what works for you and your lifestyle.

Focus, control and confidence in life

This isn’t just a physical change. Reset your habits, optimise your lifestyle and enhance your mindset with our holistic approach.

Are you ready to transform?

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We are worldwide leaders in transformation, with one mission: to change lives through fitness. We believe that if long-term health is prioritised, we’d see a better world. We are against the quick-fix culture, and not interested in just getting you a little bit healthier. Our focus is in total transformation, so you can be a high performer in everything you do.

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