Active Student, Ashwini Stopped Yo-yoing, Built Muscle And Got A Six-pack

I’m a simple woman who believes mind, body and soul are interconnected and we can empower others by leading a healthy lifestyle and inspiring others. All of this is thanks to RNT Fitness.

I fill my time with a number of pursuits. I assist my parents in a food and catering business and I’m a Sales Associate in a running shop. I aspire to become a business psychologist and I am studying part time to be a Level 3 Personal Trainer. Other hobbies include: dancing, cooking, writing poetry, exploring new places, running and trekking.

Before joining RNT I was always overwhelmed and confused about what type of exercise regime I should follow and what my macronutrients needed to be so I could lose the weight I had piled on. I ended up suffering from runner’s knee last year, despite seeing a physiotherapist there was no relief from the pain.

On May 29th 2018 I decided to take the plunge and join RNT. I knew that it would help me overcome my decision fatigue and would get me the results I needed. They work closely with you and create a plan that is tailor made. The constant support from the RNT team has been invaluable and I am a lot more stronger today. I am no longer overwhelmed and stressed, I follow my plan and I feel so much better.

It has been a long roller coaster ride emotionally and mentally. Physically I have the 6 pack abs I always wanted in 6 months which is unbelievable.

I definitely appreciate the team work that has got me this far and having that constant mutual trust and respect has given me the confidence to follow through. I am stronger now both physically and mentally and I do not let life’s daily stressors affect me anymore. I am now keen to keep building muscle and getting stronger.

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