After A Tough C-Section, Busy Mum Rashida Narrowly Escaped The Surgeon’s Knife For A Tummy-Tuck & Instead Created A Sustainable Lifestyle Fitness Solution!

Child birth can really take a toll on a woman’s body. As joyous and magical as it is, the after effects of carrying a baby and giving birth can leave you feeling not quite yourself.

All your time, focus and attention is taken up by this new, delightful arrival and parents have very little energy to give to their own health and well-being.

Rashida found herself in this exact situation.

Her second child was born via c-section and she found that her body was just not what it used to be before having children.

“I have always been very active. I practised yoga and pilates, I attended cardio classes, and even had a personal trainer. All this exercise helped me feel stronger physically but I could never see any changes; neither in the mirror nor on a scale. And the pouch from the c-section never budged.”

Rashida was so tired and fed up of putting in all this effort without any results that she decided she would just undergo surgery and get her tummy tucked.

Fortunately for Rashida, her husband had been following RNT for a while on social media. He was convinced that she would benefit hugely from the RNT process. He believed she would be able to create a unique, holistic, lifestyle fitness solution that would not only give her the figure she desired but also drastically improve her overall health and well-being.

After some hesitation, Rashida decided to try RNT on two conditions: that if she didn’t see the results she wanted in a couple of months, she would go down the surgery route and that they would have to do it together! Game on!

RNT Versus Personal Training

Rashida needed a lot of convincing to sign up for RNT. She had seen the transformations on social media but she still didn’t see how it could work for her.

She had worked with personal trainers, she had taken many fitness classes and had seen no results! So she was rather sceptical about working with a team that was 100% online.

“Before joining RNT, I always thought working out and training hard is the only way to see changes physically and I felt the need to have a personal trainer physically present to push me to train hard. My misconception was that if a PT training me in person couldn’t help me how could an online coaching company help! I realise now that I was wrong about that! But like we say, it’s better late than never.”

The RNT methodology separates itself from the rest because it’s firmly grounded in building a sustainable fitness solution that isn’t only about aesthetics.

Of course achieving a beach body physique is a great motivation, but it’s far from being the only motivation. The real driver is to live a healthy, active lifestyle to sustain optimum health throughout your life.

Our program offers bite-sized lessons on training, nutrition and mindset so our members understand what they are doing and why they need to do it.

We don’t want to just hand the fish over on a platter but instead we want to show our members how to fish.

The Nutrition Quotient

A common misconception is that the more you train the better. Most people join RNT when they realise that there is no change in their physique no matter how many times a week they work out or how many HIIT sessions they have sweated through.

Rashida fell into this camp:

“My biggest problem was not seeing any changes even though I have always worked hard. After joining RNT I realised that working hard and training hard is only 20% part of the process, the rest 80% is the nutrition and overall discipline that you need to create to sustain and stay in the game for life.”

You can learn more about this 80:20 split in our very popular article - The 80/20 Rule For Body Transformation Success.

The Biggest Struggles

Rashida didn’t start her RNT journey alone. She signed up with her husband Yusuf and they both supported each other and kept each other accountable throughout their journeys.

“The process was never easy but for me the best part was Yusuf and I joined RNT together. Our goals and our journeys are different but our process was the same. We both kept each other in check and that made things a lot easier.”

Rashida hit the ground running when she started. She saw amazing progress and she was so excited about finally seeing the results she had been chasing for years.

But a few months in she hit a roadblock with her health. She had fibroids in her uterus which meant she was in a lot of pain and bled heavily during her period.

“Staying consistent with my training was my biggest challenge with my heavy and long period every month. It only kept getting worse because the size of the fibroid was getting bigger and my symptoms only kept getting worse. But I was still determined to hit my checkpoint before my operation to remove the fibroid.”

With the support and advice of the coaches, Rashida persevered and made it through this rough patch.

“I managed to hit my first checkpoint in Feb 2022! I had the fibroid removed in March 2022

and now 6 weeks post-op I am ready to get back on my journey to get even stronger. My biggest thanks to the coaches for keeping up with me every week with my issues and obstacles and pushing me through my journey. It wouldn’t have been possible without them!”

The Physical Is The Vehicle

Rashida’s health had taken a toll on her but she believes strongly that the knowledge she gained around nutrition and training helped her stay strong through those painful months and enabled her to recover from her surgery with relative ease.

“RNT has been the best thing I have done for myself. As soon as the physical changes start happening and as soon the right fuel goes into your body the magic happens. With my health issues I would have given up a long time back but the positive changes that were happening kept me going.”

Rashida is all set to continue her RNT journey and we can’t wait to see her go from strength to strength over the next few months!

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